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The number of visitors reached a new high, and the 18th China International Industry Expo came to a successful conclusion.

on the afternoon of November 5, the 18th China International Industry Expo, which lasted five days, with a record number of exhibitors and professional visitors, came to a successful conclusion. According to the real-time data of the big data monitoring platform, as of 12:30 noon on the 5th, this ICIF has attracted 150200 professional visitors at home and abroad, an increase of nearly 13.78% over the same period last year, of which overseas visitors increased by 10.9%

at this year's China Industry Expo, there were many highlights on the exhibits. The tiangong-2 space laboratory, which won the special honor award this year, was widely praised. China's self-developed teracore Kaixian zx-c series processor attracted much attention. The world's first connected car, Roewe rx5, caught the eye. At the end of various VR tests, it automatically calculated Zui power, upper and lower compliance intensity, lagging ring method, gradual approach method The non proportional extension intensity/ar experience invites the on-site audience to interact with each other on the stage. The 63 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects of the Ministry of industry and information technology show the international leading level of China's key manufacturing equipment, as well as exhibits such as microelectronics equipment, Dajiang UAV, new energy vehicles, ships and marine engineering equipment that help Chinese manufacturing from big to strong

the International Conference on innovation and emerging industry development (IEID) was held for the first time at this ICIF. Chinese and foreign academicians and famous entrepreneurs conducted open exchanges on the development direction and policies of disruptive emerging industries, in order to promote major global scientific and technological innovation and the development of emerging industries. At the 2016 International Robot testing and certification Summit Forum, the national development and Reform Commission, the National Bureau of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the national certification and Accreditation Administration issued the Chinese robot certification (CR) mark to the society, and issued the first batch of Chinese robot product certification certificates

during the exhibition, the robot exhibition area was popular, and the area of the exhibition area nearly doubled compared with the previous year. Exhibits such as dual arm cooperative robots, light load composite robots, abb human-machine cooperation, etc. were brilliant, focusing on the intelligent upgrading of manufacturing industry and vividly interpreting the vision of industrial interconnection at home and abroad. In addition, many intelligent robots show their unique skills to tourists. It's not a big deal to swing their arms and turn around. There is no pressure to dance, write calligraphy, draw traditional Chinese painting, dragon dance, etc., and it's easy to bring you the fun of intelligent manufacturing

during this year's China Industry Expo, a group of five standardized sample investment promotion meetings were held for the first time, and four projects with a total investment of 41.3 billion yuan were signed, which not only provided a platform for investment cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises, but also showed Shanghai's firm confidence in developing advanced manufacturing industry. During the exhibition, the Russian delegation brought Kaspersky's industrial component configuration, which is now more common is the experimental machine host, microcomputer and printer cybernetic security scheme. Chinese and Russian manufacturing enterprises have mutual benefit and win-win results in industrial exchanges. During the ICIF, the leaders of Yangpu, Baoshan, Jinshan, Hongkou, Minhang, Pudong and other districts and counties of the city led a team to come. This year, the China ICIF has become a big classroom for all districts and counties to learn about emerging industries and advanced manufacturing frontiers

in the context of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the eight major professional exhibitions of this ICIF fully focus on the key development areas in the made in China 2025 strategy, reflect the theme of innovation, intelligence and green development, expand the market space of China's industry 4.0, and continue to play the multiple roles of the ICIF as a display window for the development of the world's advanced manufacturing industry and the latest scientific and technological achievements, as well as a service platform for enterprises to expand domestic and international markets

the picture shows a robot that can play percussion

the picture shows a robot drawing Chinese painting

the picture shows the Venus global remote sensing and floating detector

the picture shows the team of the coating and additive business department of the double arm machine starting the launch of the product, and the operator is operating

the picture shows the Roewe rx5 connected car, which won the gold medal of industrial design at the Industrial Expo

the figure shows the flexible processing production line of industry 4.0

the figure shows 70% low floor modern tram

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