The 17th digital camp of Weisheng Electronics was

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the 17th "digital camp" of via electronics is established

in September this year, the Dujiangyan Youai sub station of via China core growth "digital camp" was officially established. This "digital camp" located in Youai school, the first barrier free and disability integrated school in China according to the announcement, is the 17th "digital camp" established by via in the country. Here, Viagra 1. Film making and photosensitive film hope love Foundation donated 120 new S12 computers

as the only Chinese high-tech enterprise in the world that masters the core technology of x86 architecture CPU and mobile communication chip at the same time, via grasps the hydraulic universal experimental machine. In the ordinary protection, it mainly has the industry-leading high integration and low-power product technology of host maintenance, and advocates the concept of "Green Computing" that affects the development of the whole industry

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