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Thermoplastic polyolefin has become a new favorite in the automotive industry in recent years, the application of thermoplastic polyolefin in new models has become a new favorite with its high temperature resistance, aging resistance, environmental protection and other characteristics. Nissan's 2014 rogue model took the lead in using thermoplastic polyolefin as raw material to produce car trunk covers, and won the "2014 Automotive Innovation Award" issued by the American Society of plastic engineers. Thermoplastic polyolefins have gradually been widely used in the automotive industry, and the export unit price is increasing

it is reported that the boot cover of the car is made of new thermoplastic polyolefin PP resin. Painted class a outer door panel is manufactured by LyondellBasell with high melt flow, high stiffness, high impact performance and mineral filler filled thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) brand (it is said that this material is the first time in North America to use this material in external lift doors). This cover is not only light in weight (the net weight is 70% of the traditional composite material with the same volume), but also greatly improved in performance

engagexlt polyolefin elastomer, a new brand of thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) materials for automotive interior and exterior parts launched by Dow Chemical Company, can bring a variety of advantages to composite material manufacturers, mold manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and consumers. Its advantage is its energy advantage. Thanks to more excellent impact resistance efficiency, composite manufacturers can reduce the amount of elastomer in the TPO production process and ensure excellent impact resistance. Reducing the amount of elastomer helps to increase the strength and melt flow of TPO, reduce the wall thickness of parts, reduce the weight of finished parts, and then improve the fuel economy of automobiles. Davemitchell, marketing manager of Dow elastomer, said, "engagexlt can help users produce lighter and larger parts in a shorter time, so that composite manufacturers and automobile manufacturers can create safe and fuel-efficient automobile products at a more effective cost without sacrificing product quality."

Nordic chemical and ferro have been committed to the research and development of new engineering plastics. Among their latest batch of successfully developed new engineering plastics, daplentmee058ai and fibremodtmwe380hp are the most successful representatives. Daplentmee189hp has strong impact resistance, excellent UV protection and scratch resistance, which is very suitable for the automotive industry. As an improved version of daplentmee189hp, the thermoplastic polyolefin daplenee058ai is produced with the patented technology of tigerstripe free, which avoids the problem that traditional polyolefins will appear spots and stripes after use, which will affect the appearance of products. Fibremodwe380hp is a new type of PP composite material, which is based on PP and incorporates 10% mineral filler and 20% glass reinforced fiber. It has high heat resistance, good structural novelty and dimensional stability. It can also be deeply processed for many times, and can be widely used in automotive structural parts

the successful research and development of new engineering plastics means that more engineering plastics will be applied in the automotive industry. Among many engineering plastics, thermoplastic polyolefin is the most suitable for producing different auto parts, and is gradually adopted by more auto manufacturers

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