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Bayer's thermoplastic polyurethane film

Bayer's Desmopan thermoplastic polyurethane products are mainly used in IMD process, and can produce various products because of its soft hand feel

imd is a relatively mature process at present, which is used to produce the internal structure of vehicles, such as the board with a surface load time of 5min for heaters/ventilation equipment and the central control board

until recently, this process has been mainly used for thin films for hard surface production

desmopan c8800 collection card 1; U3. Realize the automatic control of the experimental machine through PLC control system and computer. The film does not need to be printed before the injection mold, unlike the polycarbonate film used in general IMD process

in addition, this film can also be used for screen printing. They all have high tear and tear propagation strength, and have good chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and other excellent properties

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