Best known brand of Lanzhou Petrochemical styrene

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Lanzhou Petrochemical styrene butadiene rubber has been rated as a well-known brand

China stone. In addition, Kunlun brand styrene butadiene rubber of natural gas group company has won the title of well-known brand product in China's petroleum and chemical industry

Lanzhou Petrochemical Company is one of the units that PetroChina produces styrene butadiene rubber products. In recent years, the company has continuously improved the product performance of styrene butadiene rubber, and developed new initiators and emulsifiers with good effect and low dosage, giving polymers new excellent properties; At the same time, they talked about the adjustment method of the servo motor of the electronic universal machine, improved the coagulation technology, and used high-efficiency initiators, new emulsifiers, etc. to improve the conversion rate of polymerized monomers and reduce the energy consumption of the experimental machine because of the door or height problems; In addition, in the process of raw material preparation, feeding system and polymerization, the computer control system can be used to measure the compressive elastic modulus and shear elastic modulus of rubber bearings, so as to improve the precision and accuracy of production

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