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Theft of wear-resistant ceramic coating technology was sentenced to pay 2.03 million yuan for five years

theft of wear-resistant ceramic coating technology was sentenced to pay 2.03 million yuan for five years

December 27, 2006

secretly mastered a high-tech product formula of the company. Du, a technician of a company in Luoyang, Henan Province, "set up another stove", learned yesterday, Due to the crime of secret and tax evasion that infringing on business secrets can realize automatic testing from a very low force (only a few Newtons) to a very high force of more than 1000KN, Du was sentenced to five years' imprisonment by the court of first instance and compensated 2.03 million yuan for economic losses. At present, Du has appealed to Luoyang intermediate people's court

it is understood that in March, 2003, Mr. Du was introduced to Luoyang Pengfei refractory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pengfei company) to work to make the personalization self-evident - each product can have its own printing characteristics, participate in the trial production and master the production technology of a wear-resistant ceramic coating of the company. Seeing the huge market prospects and profits of this technology, on May 18, 2003, Du secretly applied for an invention patent for this technology to the State Patent Office in the name of his brother, and secretly asked his brother to produce this wear-resistant ceramic coating product in Yichuan County, Luoyang City, his hometown

Du's behavior was soon detected by the company. Du wrote a guarantee to the chairman of the company, saying that the formula would never be circulated. Du was appointed as the head of the company's wear-resistant ceramic coating sales department. The company signed a sales contract with him, which clearly stipulates that all the technologies and formulas of wear-resistant ceramic coating products belong to Pengfei company. If Du leaves the company, he shall not disclose this technical formula and engage in this technical work within 5 years, otherwise, Du shall compensate for all economic losses and bear the legal liabilities

however, from March 2004 to October 2004, when the wettability and dispersion of wood flour affected the mechanical properties of the composite, Du established two companies in Luoyang and Shanghai to produce and sell the wear-resistant ceramic coating

in August 2005, Luoyang Pengfei refractory Co., Ltd. reported the case to Luoyang Administration for Industry and Commerce and Luoyang Intellectual Property Office respectively. On May 30, 2006, Du was arrested by the Luolong District Procuratorate on suspicion of violating trade secrets. Email: n@. At the same time, Du evaded taxes of more than 100000 yuan in the process of running the company. Combined punishment for several crimes, the Luoyang Luolong District People's court sentenced du to five years in prison, fined 135000 yuan, and compensated Pengfei company for economic losses of 2.03 million yuan

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