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Thermo Scientific Nicolet in10 MX micro infrared spectrometer won the r&d 100 award

Nicolet in10 MX was elected with system integration, simplicity, accuracy and speed

on July 31, 2009, Madison, WI, Thermo Fisher Scientific, the leader of global service technology, recently announced that its Thermo Scientific turned to test software talent for experiments. Nicolet in10 MX micro infrared spectrometer won the RD 100 award. The publisher of the award is Rd magazine, which has its own independent jury and. This year, Nicolet in10 MX, one of the 100 most important scientific and technological products in the world, was selected to be put on the market. With its excellent ability, effective experimental data recording process and complex operation, it has solved the main challenges faced by the micro infrared spectrometer, namely: system integration, ease of operation, accuracy and speed - so it stands out from similar products

today's micro infrared spectrometer needs to be attached to an external infrared spectrometer, and Nicolet in10 MX, with its unique design, integrates the infrared optics of all spectrometers into one. With an integrated system, higher optical efficiency and intelligent sampling technology, it is widely used in prestressed steel strand factories, iron and steel metallurgy high-speed lines, cement and concrete companies, quality inspection centers, highways and bridges Colleges and universities and other units make room temperature infrared detection a reality, and effectively reduce the floor space

nicolet in10 MX does not need professional training in the use of microscope and spectrometer. First, some intelligent auxiliary sampling and analysis programs are built into the operating system of the microscope. This pioneering micro infrared spectrometer allows the analyzed samples to be as small as 3 ~ 4 microns, which can be used for both single point analysis and surface scanning analysis, as well as ultra fast chemical imaging analysis. The minimum analysis sample of traditional infrared microscope can only reach 10 microns

nicolet in10 MX far exceeds its competitors and can obtain chemical imaging at a faster speed. The configuration of the standard detector enables us to draw an image of 1.2 x 1.2 mm in less than 4.5 minutes. Through the imaging detector, the system can scan such a large area in just 20 seconds. This is more than 10 times faster than traditional imaging technology

"we are very happy to win the RD 100 award. This is not only recognized by important people closely related to the industry, but also a good proof that in computing is not the most advanced technology of 010 MX and meets the technical challenges of modern process monitoring," said Mike Jost, vice president of molecular spectroscopy at Thermo Fisher, "We are proud to receive such an award, which is equivalent to recognizing our commitment to developing technological innovation to meet the needs of quality control analysis services, materials science and research institutions."

Rd magazine will hold an award banquet for our Nicolet in10 MX team at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel in ocean world, Florida on November 12, 2009

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