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A stolen waste paper warehouse in Zhejiang turned out to be a "regular customer" in the factory

on the morning of February 27, Zhejiang Fuyang Chengdong police station received an alarm. Boss Li of a waste paper warehouse said that a batch of waste paper had been stolen. After calling the police to check the monitoring, boss Li found that there were three traitors in the factory, and the thief was actually a frequent visitor in the factory

the roller shutter door of the stolen waste paper warehouse has been damaged for some time. In order to facilitate the long-term access of vehicles, the boss removed the door and left only three watchdog to guard the door

I had expected these three watchdog dogs to guard the house, but I didn't expect that when the thief swaggered and pushed the car to steal, the three dogs not only didn't bark, but also waved their tails to welcome

it turns out that thieves often tease dogs in the middle of the night and buy some ham sausage for dogs to eat. They become good friends once and twice. Thieves greet them with their tails wagging. Thieves also send them off with their tails wagging when they leave

just a few ham sausages bought three dogs. How bad is the food the dog owner usually gives the dog

By the way, the thief was soon arrested

pay attention to the anti-theft of the warehouse and take preventive measures

1. In the important area of the warehouse, irrelevant personnel are strictly forbidden to enter

2. The personnel on duty should receive three-level safety training before taking up their posts, and be proficient in using the fire-fighting facilities configured for the post, and master the alarm To extinguish the fire, it is necessary to turn the horizontal beam to work, and the knowledge of fire and other aspects should be implemented "There are still products with other kinds of materials in the industry. The warehouse should have a leader in charge of security work, establish a security department or allocate full-time security personnel, and often carry out security work education for employees. At the same time, combined with the actual situation, establish guard inspection, guard duty, patrol, duty and other systems to ensure the safety of the warehouse.

3. The warehouse itself should also be designed for theft prevention. Strengthen the safety management of the warehouse, and the warehouse is large The door shall be subject to open lock and concealed lock, and the window on the first floor shall be provided with guardrail

4. The personnel on duty shall take turns on duty 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, and shall not leave their posts. They shall make shift records, improve their awareness of prevention, and ensure safety. In case of abnormal conditions, call the police in time and report to the superior leaders at the right time

5. Install video monitoring. At present, various methods and equipment for plastic shrinkage (forming shrinkage + Post shrinkage) are confirmed. Install new security monitoring products such as infrared radiation and video monitoring in the warehouse and nearby fences, entrances and exits, windows and other places

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