The hottest son-in-law of the post-80s generation

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The son-in-law of the post-80s generation took his father-in-law's class and drove the valley God of Lovol to the road to get rich

the son-in-law of the post-80s generation took his father-in-law's class and drove the valley God of Lovol to the road to get rich

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golden nine silver ten, and the curtain of "three autumn" operation and production in major corn producing areas across the country opened in turn. As an important autumn grain production base in the Central Plains, the vast expanse of corn in Hebei is fluttering with the wind and waiting to be harvested. Recently, the author and his party came to Bazhou City, Hebei Province, to the front-line fields to chat with users about their experience of getting rich

in recent years, more and more young post-80s and post-90s agricultural mechanization workers have appeared in the fields of Sanxia and Sanqiu, becoming the main force in the promotion and use of new agricultural mechanization machines and tools and new technologies, and carrying the banner of the development of agricultural mechanization. Today's dialogue object - Wang Jinshan is one of them

Wang Jinshan, born in 1986, officially started the business of agricultural machinery, but has been known as one of the best cost-effective products in the same industry for four years. He is also well-known locally, not only because he can play with agricultural machinery, but also because he understands maintenance technology. His peers often invite him to "diagnose the pulse" for his own machine, which has little prestige in the local area

at 7 o'clock in the morning, the sky is a little overcast, and the air is filled with moist breath. The author rushed to Dongsong village, Nanmeng Town, Bazhou City, Hebei Province, where Wang Jinshan carried out machine harvesting of corn today. In the dense corn field, a fiery Lovol Ceres corn harvester was galloping back and forth in the field, very fast. Walking to the front, with the roar of Lovol Valley God, golden corn cobs were thrown into the granary, and the corn straw was crushed into silver filaments by the field returning machine, and evenly spread on the ground. Farmers sat on the ground to rest, waiting for the machine to unload grain, and saw a bumper harvest

Zhang Zhenya, who helped coordinate the harvesting of farmers' corn locally, is a distant relative of Wang Jinshan's family. He told the author, "we recognize the 'God of grain' in this place, whether it is the wheat harvest in summer or the corn machine harvest in autumn."

in the vacancy of machine unloading, the author talked with the machine operator Wang Jinshan. For example, the film produced by the PP film blowing machine is suitable for all kinds of supermarket shopping bags, mushroom bags and other bags with high hardness and low requirements for stretching and brightness. It is handsome and sunny, straight talking and neat. This is the first impression Wang Jinshan left to the author

it is understood that Wang Jinshan's hometown is Handan, Hebei Province. He came to Bazhou, Hebei Province in 2006 to make money. In 2007, he worked in a local machine maintenance station in Bazhou, specializing in the maintenance of stamping machines, hydraulic presses, etc. Until 2011, I met my current daughter-in-law at that meeting, and went back to Liuzhuang village, Chahe market town, Bazhou city. I quit my job of machine maintenance, and followed my father-in-law Liang Jinshui to work as an agricultural mechanic that year

as the "old style" of playing with agricultural machinery in Bazhou, his father-in-law Liang Jinshui played with agricultural machinery and became "famous". From the purchase of the first Lovol Ceres "fortune" in 2006, to the Lovol Ceres "Maike" in 2012, and then to the purchase of Lovol Ceres ge50 wheat machine and Lovol Ceres Sanxing and Sixing two corn machines this year, almost all the classic models of Lovol agricultural equipment that year were included in the bag. In Liang Jinshui's own words, "our family chose Lovol Valley God for nothing else, just to be at ease, use it with confidence, and the service can be in place in a timely manner at a critical time."

Lao Liang was very satisfied with Wang Jinshan, the son-in-law who stepped in the door. He told the author that he was such an only child. He was afraid that his daughter would suffer losses and poverty. At that time, he agreed to this marriage. First, he felt that Wang Jinshan was diligent, sensible and painful. Second, he also knew agricultural machinery maintenance skills and was skilled, and was fully able to take over his own class

"in the third autumn of this year, we started to work in the field in early September. First, we worked around our hometown village, and then came to nearby places to work. At present, the harvest is close to 1000 mu." Wang Jinshan told the author, "the key is that we are not simply harvesting corn. Do you see the three wheeled transport vehicle in the field? After harvesting, we will directly send the corn to the user's home. This is 120 yuan per mu, and the net income of 50000 or 60000 yuan this season is no problem!"

when Wang Jinshan was harvesting with machines, most Liang Jinshui stood in the field and did not drive. He shouted with his son-in-law from time to time and became a "project supervisor". When his son-in-law unloaded the grain, Lao Liang would immediately change his role and act as the driver of the three wheeled transport vehicle to deliver the corn cobs of the user's home

"how do you like this machine? Are you satisfied?" The author asked the farmer next to him, "yes, I just saw that the machine harvests fast and well, so I asked him to harvest for our family. The common people work hard, so they just want to have a good harvest. Look at these households, aren't they all waiting in this row?"

after a while, the farmer's five acres of corn field was harvested, and the ground was covered with a thin layer of broken straw. The farmer with a snake skin bag wanted to pick up the fallen corn cobs in the field, but he was disappointed and returned, "this machine is too clean. He wanted to pick up a leak, but he wandered around in the field for nothing!" The user said with a smile

Wang Jinshan said that because Lovol Ceres corn machine has good harvest effect and high operation efficiency, it has become the first choice for local farmers. Many farmers will come here to set a time to harvest corn. "It's all for this Lovol Valley God. I'm busy these days.". Although he said he was busy, the author could see that Wang Jinshan was already happy with such a satisfactory tool for getting rich

Wang Jinshan said that he was going to buy a 100 hp Lovol high-power tractor next year, which would not only carry out corn harvesting and transportation operations, but also carry out tractor tractor tillage and sowing operations, and truly engage in "one-stop" services, so that the income would be more objective

we are glad to see that there are more and more young agricultural mechanization workers like Wang Jinshan in the process of agricultural production. They are active in thinking, like innovation, and willing to accept new things. They are becoming the main force in the promotion and use of new technologies and new machines and tools for modern agricultural mechanization. They are brave to shoulder the banner of developing agricultural modernization, which has played an important role in improving the guarantee of national food security and increasing farmers' income

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