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Solvay sells resin business

Solvay sells resin business

January 6, 2017 to avoid impurities such as water

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recently, the French chemical giant Solvay group has reached an agreement with Germany ALTANA Ag on the sale of its resin business. According to the agreement, Solvay will strip this business with a turnover of US $20million in 2015 to ensure that it can fill and leave smoothly on the high-speed active filling machine, and sell it to ALTANA's alantas electrical insulation department. It includes but is not limited to the following parts: Solvay tree sculpture is a series of refined fat products based on painting, a supporting production and R & D device located in Orion, New York, and related technical, sales and management personnel

Michael J. radossich, head of Solvay Technology Department, commented on this: "This is a win-win deal, which is in the interests of both of us. For Solvay, we can devote more energy to our core business and consolidate the group's leading position in polymer additives; while ALTANA group is a strong strategic buyer. Under their operation, the resin business will have a brighter future."

Solvay resin business is mainly composed of conap rings, which can also be regarded as short-term process oxygen resins that transfer energy from the outside to structural systems, and various polyurethane products, mainly for major electronic and electrical and special adhesive markets. The transaction is carried out according to the regular delivery process. After a series of links such as antitrust review, the relevant work is expected to be completed in the first half of 2017

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