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Song Huazhen: talk about engineer culture

I talked about this topic with Mr. Song Huazhen a while ago. As two former engineers, we had a very speculative conversation. I didn't expect Mr. Song to write an article soon, and the article format also appeared in 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, which was like a paper and incompatible with the style. Is this also the engineer culture

1. What is engineer culture

is the first reflection of engineer culture lattice shirt? I don't know why this custom comes from. Lattice shirt seems to have become the standard configuration of engineers, and the other standard configuration is probably 996. Of course, engineer culture from it style can't represent engineers, but it seems that engineers in the eyes of the public are such straight men who look boring

the picture comes from the Internet

another interesting thing for everyone seems to be that engineers are men, so it's hard to find someone! Or is it part of the engineer culture that engineers feel straight

what is engineer culture

if vision is where you want to go, culture ensures that you can reach your goals

engineer culture is a culture based on common values and beliefs, which will increase the decision-making and action of monofilament diameter. Therefore, the so-called culture is usually a state of collective behavior or habits. Engineer culture usually takes the engineering background as the core team, and its core lies in products, technologies and services containing scientific and technological content. Therefore, engineer culture usually refers to an enterprise with engineers as the main body, In a consulting and scheme business, engineers will dominate

therefore, engineer culture is a unified habit of decision-making and action with engineering thinking, which is also a manifestation of collective consciousness. Only a team with unified thinking can have a high degree of cohesion and keep pace, just as the army has unified action

2. Three remarkable characteristics of engineer's thinking

engineers are based on engineering thinking, which is the basis of engineer's thinking. The characteristics of engineer's thinking have three remarkable characteristics:

(1) the ability to foresee the structure without structure. Structured thinking is the key point of engineering thinking. They connect the whole element in time, logical sequence and process function, And for the conditions under which each function works or closes, the humor of engineers is often structured

just like designing a machine's software system, it is composed of logic, motion control, human-computer interaction, security, formula, alarm, file operation and other elements. For an engineer who is good at machine and system design, all machines are nothing more than a software and hardware system built by building blocks

(2) work under constraints: obviously, there is no ideal condition, but things are always carried out under constraints. A material may be easy to process, but its life is not long. A material with a life that meets the requirements may need many complex process sections to complete. You can use high-quality materials or processes, but the cost is unbearable, just like many years ago, We try to find a RFID tag identification method for the logistics industry, but it is unacceptable for the logistics industry with a profit of only a few cents to accept a tag of 0.6 yuan (the price under the order volume of 30million). Cost, yield, energy consumption and material consumption will become binding conditions, and engineers have to face these even rigid constraints at any time, of course, There is always a dilemma in doing anything in this world, or finding the best path among multiple conditions

innovation in manufacturing also requires engineers to find the optimal and often the most economical implementation method and path under various constraints

(3) decisiveness: judgment, evaluation and decision-making, which is also an ability, because the structure and constraints are often a multi-dimensional thinking process, and the key factors need to be weighted to evaluate the optimal. There will always be potential risks, which must be considered. Therefore, the system will always have plans and alternatives. If you have only one way, you must make decisions by yourself, which is a situation that everyone will encounter every day

engineers work at the intersection of possibility, feasibility and expectability, as Jim plummer, director of the Engineering Department of Stanford University, said. What technical solutions and paths they adopt have the possibility of realization and feasibility in reality, including the expected indicators that can be achieved under constraints, whether it is processing speed, accuracy or production adaptability, Engineers must find the most economical way in these complex environments

3. Engineers' work is about efficiency

3.1 standards and specifications

engineers must have good working standards and specifications, which makes engineers highly efficient, otherwise, they will fall into the mire. Therefore, clear thinking and good habits are the basic qualities that engineers must have, but standards and specifications will not make engineers' work conservative or rigid, Rules and such strict requirements cannot be turned into a constraint, because these standards and norms themselves are the embodiment of efficiency, because only by following the rules can we avoid detours

3.2 modular thinking

whether for construction engineering, software engineering or electromechanical and control engineering, modular thinking is a functional combination of system deconstruction and reconstruction, determines the strength of the connection between systems, and encapsulates these deconstructed module tests into a whole. For the development of electromechanical equipment, hardware modularization is common, whether it is the processor module of PLC, i/o module Motion control units are already modular design, and their independent modules will form standardized production, which can greatly reduce the cost of components. However, the real application is the whole, so the change of the whole is composed of each independent individual, which makes the overall application become personalized combination and flexible. Similarly, software is also a kind of modularization, which can extract commonalities to form the encapsulation of various knowledge, These knowledge can be flexibly organized and reused as a whole to improve the efficiency of system development, testing and maintenance

3.3 tool use and design

the work of engineers is to use tools to complete the work, on the other hand, they will also design tools. Using tools is the first step, and these tools are efficient design. On the other hand, after new application development, a lot of testing and verification, these knowledge can also be condensed into tools and reused. Therefore, tools are reused, but also for efficiency, Engineers are people who are good at using tools and designing tools

in general, engineers' work is about efficiency, and with the least time, the smallest materials, the largest output (quality and quantity) to achieve the overall production efficiency for users, and also to achieve ease of use and simplicity, without a lot of training costs implied therein

4. The essence of engineers' work is innovation

why is the essence of engineers innovation

because engineering problems must work under constraints, innovation must be needed. Whether incremental innovation or subversive innovation, engineers can solve specific problems with the help of basic theories, tools and methods, and can form standard solutions to specific problems and design new reusable knowledge (in the form of software and tools). This process is an innovation process of continuous convergence

innovation is a process of finding the best path, and the essence of engineers' work is such a process. Therefore, engineers are the implementers of innovation. We must be aware of this, and we cannot regard engineers as executors or workers. Whether technicians or engineers, they solve practical problems and create value for enterprises and users

engineers' work must be respected because they are the real executors of innovation. In many cases, especially in the manufacturing industry, engineers' work is not so worthy of attention. Engineer culture is to make decisions from the perspective and judgment of engineers. Why engineers are not valued in enterprises, they must be constantly urged to become firefighters. In fact, An excellent engineer can often bring long-term benefits to the enterprise, whether it is a perfectly designed machine or a simple and easy-to-use product

5. Divergence and convergence

Science and engineering often appear in the names of colleges in many universities with the recovery of the economy, such as control science and engineering, management science and engineering, and material science and engineering. Why such a name, because it includes science and engineering, in a sense, you can understand it as the unity of knowledge and practice, just like many girls do not distinguish the difference between science and engineering, science is science, and engineering is engineering, These are two different directions. Of course, it can be understood that the reason why they cannot be distinguished is that they must be integrated to promote and develop each other. As the story of philosophy says, if there is no scholasticism, street philosophy will be incoherent, and without street philosophy, scholasticism will also lose its meaning of existence. Science is to find and explore fundamental theoretical problems, possibilities and unknown fields for engineering, This kind of work requires divergent thinking and searching for possible methods to solve problems in various fields, such as Newton's three laws of physics and Maxwell's electromagnetic equation, which have brought basic support to the subsequent technological development. The integration of science and engineering forms technology, and engineering itself is a process. In this way, science belongs to knowledge, while engineering belongs to practice, and knowledge provides basic guarantee for practice, While the line enables the development of knowledge, and the tools developed by the line help people better explore the unknown, just like helping people design microscopes through optical principles, and microscopes further promote people's research on bacteria. There must be a mutually reinforcing relationship between science and engineering

engineers' thinking also has the fusion of two characteristics: scientific divergence and engineering convergence. Innovation comes from looking for possibilities in the divergence space, and then converges to feasibility. This possibility space includes a variety of possibilities such as materials, processes, methods, management and operation, The feasibility is to find the maximization or minimization. Zhongwang has accumulated and explored in the field of aerospace aluminum for many years: in 2013, for the specification, characteristics and strict quality requirements of aluminum profiles in the aerospace field, it is like maximizing profits and minimizing costs. Here, the maximization and minimization are the convergence process of the optimal solution. Maximization and minimization are unified in many cases, and the goal is the same

6. Curiosity of engineers

many times, we will understand the engineer culture as rigorous but inflexible. If an enterprise thinks like this, will it be a lack of adaptability and slow response to the market

if we understand what kind of engineers are excellent engineers, we have observed many excellent engineers and found that

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