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Solvay TORLON Pai makes composite cleaning tools more durable and safer

on March 12, 2019, Shanghai, China - Solvay announced that performance plastic selected its TORLON Pai material as the material of the new series of endurosharp scrapers. This series is mainly used to remove hard substances on the surface of fragile fiber-reinforced composites. Performance plastics' latest products include gap cleaning knives, caulking material removal drills and discs, as well as adhesive cutters and reamers. All new endurosharp products use Solvay's high-performance TORLON 5030 Pai (polyamide imide) - 30 Jinan gold assay drop tester instructions% glass fiber reinforced resin

"in order to remove the residual materials, sealants and adhesives from the cracks on the aircraft surface, maintenance personnel have to choose between dangerous metal knives and polymer knives whose edges cannot be kept sharp for a long time," pointed out rich reed, vice president of marketing of performance plastics: "The unique performance of Solvay TORLON Pai gives excellent consideration to the advantages of two types of materials, which can be as sharp as metal and will not damage the surface of vulnerable composites."

if other high-performance polymers such as polyethyleneimide (PEI) and polyether ether ketone (PEEK) are used to make scraper blades, it is necessary to carry out secondary processing on the formed blanks to grind them into sharp blades. Relatively speaking, TORLON Pai is easy to process, making endurosharp tools have sharp edges when coming out of the mold. At the same time, materials can also be machined to meet special design requirements. TORLON Pai's excellent thermal stability makes it able to withstand the high temperature and friction during the regrinding process. Peek and Pei materials will produce burrs under the same conditions. In addition, TORLON Pai also has excellent resistance to aviation working fluids and solvents, which helps to ensure the long service life of endurosharp tools

endurosharp's latest knife handle, knife handle and built-in parts can ensure aviation maintenance personnel to safely remove elastic coatings, protective covers, tapes, sealants, adhesives, caulking materials and tape residues on fiber-reinforced composites, plastic, glass, ceramic or metal substrates and fasteners. Endurosharp tools can also be used to assist in heating and chemical scraping processes to speed up material removal

"TORLON Pai is highly praised for its combination of thermosetting properties and easy processing properties of thermoplastic. Through cooperation with performance plastics, it has further achieved its metal sharp and durable blade," said senior vice president of Solvay polymers global business unit Doug brademeyer, head of the ultra-high performance polymer business department, said: "the innovation level and processing ability represented by endurosharp tools have inspired people to realize the application of high-performance polymers."

performance plastics was established in Cincinnati in 1982, making full use of the performance advantages of high-temperature (1) plastic additives, green thermoplastic materials, and maintaining close cooperation with customers. The company has deep professional knowledge in the molding of high-performance thermoplastic compounds such as PEEK, Pai, Pei, fluoropolymer, etc. For a long time, we have cooperated with world-class polymer scientists and industry-leading material suppliers to develop customized resin formulations in the fields of medical treatment, industry, oil and gas, automobile and aerospace

as an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, Solvay is committed to helping customers solve the key social challenges they face by developing chemical materials. Solvay works with many end market customers around the world to innovate and work together to provide services for applications including aircraft, automobiles, batteries, intelligent and medical devices, batteries, mining and oil exploration, and promote sustainable development. Solvay's lightweight materials promote cleaner travel; The advanced formula optimizes the utilization efficiency of resources; High performance chemical materials improve the quality of air and water. Solvay, headquartered in Brussels, has nearly 26800 employees in 61 countries and regions, with a net sales revenue of 10.1 billion euros in 2017. More than 90% of the company's sales revenue comes from its top three markets in the world, creating a 22% EBITDA profit margin. Solvay SA (Stock Code:) is listed on the pan European stock exchange in Brussels and Paris ((Bloomberg: Reuters: Stock Code:). In the United States, solvy's shares (stock code solvy) are traded through a tier 1 ADR program. The polyamide business that has been announced to be divested is included in the financial data

Solvay polymers provide 35 brands and more than 1500 high-performance polymer products to the city in the middle of daily life, including fluoropolymers, fluororubbers, fluorinated liquids, semi aromatic polyamides, sulfone polymers, aromatic ultra-high-performance polymers, high barrier polymers and cross-linked high-performance compounds, which are widely used in aviation, alternative energy, automobiles, medical treatment, membranes, oil and natural gas, packaging, pipelines, semiconductors Wire and cable and other markets

performance plastics selected Solvay's high-performance TORLON 5030 Pai as the material for its endurosharp series of latest aviation maintenance tools. The new tool made of Solvay advanced polymer can not only maintain the long-lasting sharp toughness of the blade, but also safely remove the materials that are difficult to remove from the surface of vulnerable composite materials

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