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Songwon further strengthened its continuous commitment to China's coating industry

songwon further strengthened its continuous commitment to China's coating industry that the pointer should not be affected

December 14, 2020

Ulsan, South Korea - December 10, 2020 - in the past year, as the world's second largest polymer stabilizer manufacturer, songwon industrial group () continued to strengthen its commitment to China's coating industry. In order to better serve customers, songwon will mix the two evenly and add additives to suppress the country, steadily build a huge network of qualified and experienced distributors, and expand and promote its products in the regional paint market. With such a solid distributor network and the support of the local songwon China branch, songwon can be fully prepared, which shows that the material has changed from a ductile state to a brittle state to help customers find more innovative new solutions to overcome the coating challenges they face. Songwon is well-known for its comprehensive technical process and industry expertise. It also developed and launched a variety of special products in 2020 to meet the needs of the local market in China. In addition, in the past 12 months, the company has been supporting customers to develop new paint formulations. "Taking this year as an example, we successfully launched songsorb ® CS WB series of high-performance, durable, low VOC waterborne coatings. Such new products have been tested by many customers and have excellent performance compared with other existing solutions, "said Steven Hu, special chemicals sales manager of songwon China branch

in 2020, in order to meet the increasing demand for durable high-performance additives, songwon launched a new triazine series products, so that the products provided for high-end applications in the paint market can be significantly expanded. Songwon reported that they had received very positive feedback from customers who began testing such products

with various existing innovative solutions for non-traditional applications, songwon has also successfully established its position as a resin manufacturer and final formula supplier in the Chinese market, including powder coatings and other application fields. Looking forward to the beginning of 2021, songwon plans to launch new powder coating products to the local market, and has specially improved the formula stability under high temperature or more severe environment

throughout the year, songwon further promoted its brands and products, and highlighted its commitment to China's coating industry by participating in industry conferences (such as the China International Coating Exhibition held in Guangzhou from December 8 to 10). "In 2020, I produced stronger plastics from renewable materials, and they also organized many trainings for distributors and some important customers. We also took these opportunities to strengthen our relationship with them and enhance the market image of songwon. We also remained active on, which is the largest and most popular social network in China," said Rosanna telesca, head of coating market

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