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The cost-effective solvent-free environmental protection epoxy floor curing agent is on the market

the cost-effective solvent-free environmental protection epoxy floor curing agent is on the market, so we also pay more attention to this model when recommending it to users

October 17, 2007

[China paint information] the cost-effective solvent-free epoxy floor surface coating curing agent series is on the market. In view of the domestic geographical environment and the requirements of the increasingly dirty environment and the comprehensive performance of the epoxy floor, Fuqing wangpai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed a new solvent-free modified amine curing agent for epoxy floor surface coating - this series of products Kingcure 365, 365m, 365f. As a summer product, 365 has better curing and hardness expansion characteristics than general products, and does not lose its surface effect, such as complex leveling and gloss according to the classification of varieties; The medium curing product 365m can be used in spring and autumn, while maintaining the same characteristics as 365; 365f is a fast curing product of 365, which is mainly used under low temperature and winter conditions. When these curing agents are mixed with a wide range of epoxy paints (5:1 or 4:1), they show low viscosity, good miscibility and suitable operability. The cured products have whitening/oil resistance, high hardness and good flexibility. They are a good impetus in the curing agent of solvent-free epoxy floor coating "The choice of adjustment and transformation.

trump fine chemicals is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sales of epoxy resin curing agent. As a wholly-owned enterprise in Japan, it has the world's most advanced curing agent production process and R & D technology, surpassing Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries in some fields. Advanced technology has also impressed those multinational companies. With the further sustained and rapid development of domestic economic construction, the epoxy resin industry has ushered in a golden age Exhibition stage. According to the market demand in China and in combination with the variety structure and development trend of curing agents at home and abroad, they mainly invested in a series of products such as modified amine and polyamide to develop and promote each other with epoxy resin. At the same time, from the perspective of market competition and development strategy, based on China as the production base (Fuzhou Yuanhong investment zone), make full use of domestic talent and raw material resources to achieve appropriate cost performance ratio and cost-effectiveness balance

this Japanese enterprise continues to strengthen the scientific research production application operation management system, strengthen the market development and technical service of curing agent, and maximize the diversified needs of users. We have cultivated a capable and skilled high-tech service team, and our goal is to create a world-renowned and technologically leading curing agent enterprise. The company also provides the following technical services free of charge. The main projects include: providing curing agent samples free of charge (the feedback information of samples must be given to us within a certain period of time as the premise); According to the improved feedback information, provide customers with improved samples to meet the diversified needs to the greatest extent; For long-term cooperative users, provide technical training and technical data related to curing agent free of charge (including coating formula, binder formula, product use cases and some detailed technical data); Provide new product information, technical literature and other materials to download; Carry out product planning and design according to requirements, and develop products satisfactory to customers at the same time

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