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Solvay introduces performance polyamide TECHNYL? Red s

Solvay performance polyamide has launched technylred s, a highly thermally stable polyamide designed for automotive applications that operate at a continuous temperature of 200C. It is an ideal application for turbine engine air duct, cooler and cylinder head cover

Didier chomier, global marketing manager of Solvay performance polyamide vehicles, said: "this new" s "material further strengthens technylhp technology, which has been applied to more than 40 million vehicles in the past seven years. "When technylred s invests in the mtmarion lithium project, it provides enhanced thermal aging stability for applications in the automotive industry without affecting its performance. In 2016, the domestic export market maintained a rapid growth trend and competitiveness.

technylred s can withstand up to 210C (1000h) or 200C (2000 hours) Continuous operating temperature of. With its new scheme, technylred s improves its resistance to acid condensate, has high fluidity, and has the opportunity to enter the international copper electrode battery market first, with excellent surface and excellent weldability

this innovative material is currently being applied in major automotive industries. "Technylred s stems from long-term cooperation with leading manufacturers of thermal management systems," chomier added. "Our company will also introduce this technology at the regeneration technology summit held on February 23. This technology has also expanded the application performance test (APT) center to test in the turbocharged environment, and provide customers with comprehensive performance tests in their own operating environment."

Solvay performance polyamide provides customers with comprehensive technical services aimed at accelerating the time to market of new applications, from advanced material characterization to application verification. The product includes predictive simulation using mmitechyldesign1, 3D printing of functional prototypes of PA6 powder in sinterlinepa6, and component testing with a fully equipped apttechinyl verification center

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