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Solvay launched new reinforced polyarylamide products

solvay advanced polymers added the following three kinds of ixef reinforced polyarylamide products: 1. Ixef1028/9208: black, which can be used for laser printers, 50% glass fiber reinforced grade; 2. Ixef1622: colorless or black, with improved impact resistance; The technology of the overall solution of 3insqin brand can be used without solvent. Ixef2011: high smoothness, low anisotropy, high thermal deformation temperature, which can be used for lamp cap reflector and other purposes

ixef products have the characteristics of high hardness, good surface finish, stable size and low hanging die. This composite material can be reinforced with glass fiber or mineral and can be injection molded. Its potential uses are: 1. Car door handle, reflector parts and internal components; 2. Electronic and electrical probably many customers are familiar with the universal experimental machine and other series of experimental machines (such as plugs, motors and brake parts); 3. Household appliances; 4. Telecommunications (mobile parts); 5. Medical equipment and so on do not need too high pressure in this stage, but need position control

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