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Solvay launched a new reinforcing filler of highly dispersed white carbon black (HDS)

recently, at the tire technology expo held in Cologne, Germany, Solvay launched a highly dispersed iso7500 ⑴ ⑵ 006 "identification of static uniaxial experimental machine" white carbon black (HDS). This is an innovative reinforcing filler that has made a breakthrough. We should learn from the previous technical experience, which can give higher productivity and greater flexibility to produce green passenger car and truck tire compounds

it is reported that efficiency can bring breakthrough benefits to the automotive industry. This is due to its positive impact on the mixing and extrusion processing capacity, which improves productivity. Silylation control and reformulation increase production flexibility without affecting the rolling resistance, wear resistance and grip performance of the product. Efficium can greatly promote the conversion from carbon black compound to HDS compound, and is conducive to meeting energy conservation and safety requirements

the road test results of passenger car and heavy truck tires manufactured with it show that efficienmhds can improve the benefit of truck tire tread compound in mixing and extrusion productivity by 30%, while the rolling resistance and wear resistance reach or even exceed the reference level. In order to meet the expected needs of testing and testing before the introduction of the processing technology of Dang · carbon fiber composites, a major tire manufacturer, Solvay is stepping up the production of efficiency HDS in three different manufacturing bases so that it can supply global customers

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