The hottest solvent-free two-component polyurethan

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Solvent free two-component polyurethane adhesive

■ product type

stress value cut off power normal> mor-free 403lv/c-411 and c-83 are solvent-free two-component polyurethane adhesives used at room temperature

■ application range

normal> mor-free 403lv/c-411 and c-83 are applicable to the composite of transparent film and aluminum foil


the interaction between the adhesive and other components in the materials to be composite: ink, film additives, coating, and the contents of the package may be particularly suitable for small tonnage experimental occasions with variable functions, which will lead to unforeseen quality changes. Therefore, before formal production, tests must be carried out to confirm the suitability between the adhesive and the composite materials and the packaged materials. (2) before using the hardness tester, the top surface of the lead screw and the end surface of the workbench should be wiped clean; Conformity

product data mor free 403lv mor free c-83 mor free c-411

NCO - component Oh - component Oh - component

solid content% 100 100 100

viscosity (25 ° C) MPa × S 1700 ± 400 2000 ± 500 1100 ± 300

specific gravity (g/ml) 1.17 ± 0.02 1.07 ± 0.02 1.10 ± 0.02

mixing proportion w/w: Standard 1005060

polyamide/polyethylene 1006070

aluminized film/cellophane 1007050


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