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How about SONOS beam evaluation? Try and evaluate SONOS beam home sound experience

SONOS recent new hot selling home sound recommendation: SONOS beam home sound home theater speaker home echo wall, as a new sound, has attracted the attention of many friends. Here is the latest trial experience of SONOS beam family sound friends. Please refer to the friends who need it

test background

Occupation: white collar; Personality tag: others; Brand preference: imported brands; Constellation: Capricorn; Age: years old; Gender: female

trial process

sonosbeam is positioned as a small family all-round family sound, which is simply not more suitable for our family. As an echo wall, it is small, but its function is very powerful, which is really suitable for ordinary families like us. As a household appliance product that needs to be used with a TV, black is definitely the best choice. It can be seamlessly matched with a black TV. Beam, as a member of SONOS family, can meet the durability test, tight range and pressure relationship test, and spring compression test under specific pressure. It can be used as a part of the sound with limited measurement width, high accuracy, and fast operation in the family, and can be used with other components

if I hadn't checked Baidu Encyclopedia, this California based company made me think it was another Nordic company, because its appearance design was very simple, which really poked my heart. The overall style is simple and generous, and the proportion is coordinated. On the positive side, there is no complicated content, which is a simple sign, and the simple five letters are also a symbol of quality

at the top is the "control center". All the operation buttons are on it, which is also a minimalist style. The integrated design is very compatible with the whole. However, the frequency of keys will not be too high, because it can be equipped with an intelligent remote control -

unlike in the past, it takes a lot of time to connect and configure the sound. The new generation of SONOS sound is very simple to set up. It requires two steps: the first step is to plug it in, and the second step is to connect it to the TV with HDMI cable. Simply not simpler! The only thing to note is that the HDMI cable is best connected to the port with arc, which represents the audio return channel

as a smart audio, app is naturally indispensable. It is easy to find the corresponding application by searching SONOS in the application market. If it is apple, you can also control it with airplay. In other words, as long as I am in the same room with this stereo, I can play audio and video on my iPad through airplay

app's operation is simple and easy to understand. As long as you can print the experimental report and follow the steps step by step, the way of combining text and text is clear. When tuning, in order to achieve a perfect surround sound effect, you need to tune twice, the first time in the normal viewing position, the second time you need to walk around the room, and in order to achieve the best effect, you also need to turn upside down - Apple's microphone is at the bottom, in order to prevent your hand from blocking the microphone when you walk around, you can't achieve the best tuning effect, So it's really clever to use the method of rotating the screen 180 degrees to give tips

in addition to playing TV content, this stereo can play any sound in, and supports more than 50 music apps. I use SONOS' app to connect shrimp music. When the TV is turned on, I will change the wallpaper with the music, and each one is super beautiful. My colleagues who enjoy hearing also surprised me in terms of vision

after connecting the game console with the TV, I had a serious car race with my children. The sound played through the stereo obviously felt more three-dimensional. It really felt like being in the race. The music with it also felt "coming from all directions". It was really a good thing to improve happiness

advantages: small in size and powerful in core, it is really a echo wall suitable for small houses. It is very friendly to apple, and the corresponding app supports each other. Therefore, it also puts forward higher requirements for the inspection of materials. This kind of playback software really enables me to improve my happiness

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