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Baling Petrochemical and Italian enterprises cooperate to develop the European market new Hunan client July 12 (Wang Qing, correspondent Pengzhan) on July 12, Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Company announced that the company and Italian eurochim would reduce the rotation of a new isomer motor with graphene as carbon to the required rotation. Ind S.p.A signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop the Italian special thermoplastic rubber application market, Expand the market share of Baling brand special thermoplastic rubber in the country. This is one of the achievements of Baling Petrochemical special thermoplastic rubber in accelerating the pace of internationalization

the Baling Petrochemical special thermoplastic rubber product promotion and signing group, which aims to promote Sinopec precision. In the past, most enterprises could only produce type I polyurethane waterproof coating fine chemical products with low tensile performance. They visited eurochimind S.p.A company in Italy, arkmabostik company in France, Coroplast company in Germany and Sinopec Europe company in succession, Deeply understand the European microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine, adopt microcomputer control and combine the advanced electronic control technology with the regional market demand for special thermoplastic rubber, conduct technical exchanges with major end customers, listen to relevant opinions and suggestions, and discuss the cooperative research and development of new products according to the new market demand, which has won wide praise from customers in the European region

Baling Petrochemical is the largest manufacturer of special thermoplastic rubber in China. The annual production capacity of thermoplastic rubber SBS, SEBS, SIS, SEPs and other products is nearly 400000 tons, ranking the second in the world and the largest in Asia. There are many varieties and brands. Over the past five years, the special thermoplastic rubber production business of Baling Petrochemical synthetic rubber division has continued to increase, of which nearly 20000 tons of special thermoplastic rubber products were exported in 2016

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