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Baiyun chemical successfully held a skills training course in Nanjing. On July 5, 2014, the 19th Baiyun chemical sealant construction skills training course Nanjing jinzhongjian curtain wall decoration Co., Ltd. was successfully held. This is the first time that the training course has been held in a special way for large curtain wall enterprises since its opening

Nanjing jinzhongjian curtain wall decoration Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is located in Nanjing, an ancient capital of Six Dynasties with beautiful scenery. The company is a professional enterprise integrating research and development, engineering design, production and manufacturing, installation and construction, and after-sales service of building exterior decoration engineering products. The company is subordinate to jinzhongjian enterprise group

the training course was highly valued by the senior management of jinzhongjian curtain wall company, and nearly 40 technical and quality management personnel, front-line glue injection workers and curtain wall after-sales service personnel from the production director to the whole glue injection link were organized to attend

in this training course, Baiyun chemical industry adjusted the course at the request of Jinzhong construction company, especially carefully designed the course for the most common problems encountered by the capture workers, which has greatly improved the intelligent level of the 23 grasp components of Jinzhong construction company

at the beginning of the course, Baiyun Chemical Technology lecturer first explained the sealant theory from the basic knowledge of sealant, combined with simple and easy to understand examples, and transformed the theory into interaction, making it easier for students to accept. In the second part of the course, the construction process of sealant is explained, and the students have a deeper understanding of the correct construction process through question and answer. In this link, the workshop director of Zhongjin Zhongjian company spoke highly of the detailed explanation of Baiyun chemical, He said "I'm glad that Baiyun chemical's technical personnel came to the company today to give us a special training. Baiyun chemical has spent a lot of energy and done a lot of work to summarize the problems we encounter in our daily construction and find solutions. I hope that the trainees who come to the training class today will not only come to listen, but also actively ask questions, but also combine today's learning to solve the problems we encounter in our daily work. The training conclusion After the event, we should also review the old and know the new, and share our knowledge with more technicians. "

in combination with this special training, the two courses of common problems and Countermeasures in the use of sealant and the inspection and identification of sealant were specially set up at the site of the sizing workshop. The teachers' intuitive and targeted explanations enabled the students to better accept the course content and more deeply understand the importance of "selecting and using the sealant"

Baiyun chemical sealant construction skills training class · the situation of harmful organisms carried by imported wooden packaging is outstanding. Nanjing jinzhongjian special session not only opened a new training mode for the training class, but also complemented and improved the entire training system of Baiyun chemical, providing users with high-quality, cost-effective sealant and more comprehensive and perfect services. The original intention of Baiyun chemical sealant construction skills training course is to "select and use the sealant well", spread the safety concept, and lead the healthy development of the industry. It is a better interpretation of "focus on the heart and never forget the original heart". It is believed that Baiyun people will continue to make efforts and efforts to provide more professional sealant system solutions for the industry on the road of building the "Huangpu Military Academy" of the sealant industry

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