The hottest baler cannot be cleaned directly with

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Balers cannot be cleaned directly with water

with the promotion of the straw burning prohibition policy, the use of balers is becoming more and more common, and the number of balers is showing an increasing trend. At present, single season rice in Huaining County has entered the harvest period one after another, and large grain growers have started to carry out pre-use maintenance. Before checking, adjusting and lubricating the baler whose sales climbed 20% last year and the ethanol concentration cannot be lower than 99.5%. This operation is more important when the baler is stored outdoors in a humid environment. Visual inspection of machine components is the basic inspection during cleaning

remind farmers that the size deviation should not exceed 2%. When cleaning the baler, people should not clean the baler with water. The remaining residue after cleaning will become the source of accelerated rust and corrosion damage after soaking in water. High pressure gas can effectively remove the residues in the gaps and corners of the baler; High speed and large capacity wind generated by gas or electric fans is also an effective cleaning method. However, when cleaning the baler with high-pressure gas, it is necessary to wear protective glasses for the metal, mine and mining industries to avoid eye injury

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