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Bakery packaging is developing towards green and environmental protection. The rapid development of China's food industry provides a broad space for the development of paper packaging. It is expected that in the future, circular economy will become the main mode for the development of the packaging industry, the recycling of packaging waste resources will be industrialized, green packaging materials will be vigorously developed and developed, and the basic packaging industry will also accelerate its development

bakery packaging moves towards the paper age

the future packaging box world is made of paper. The world calls for green packaging and cherish our home. Paper technology will be widely used in the packaging industry. Green packaging will become the main development trend of the bakery packaging industry in the future. However, replacing wood, plastic, glass and metal with paper has become a consensus for sustainable development. Paper materials have more renewable natural raw materials and more environmentally friendly recycling, which fully demonstrates the development potential of paper materials

paper packaging based on paper and paperboard has the advantages of low cost, resource saving, easy machining, more environmental protection, no pollution, easy recycling and recycling. Paper materials are the first choice for both cartons used for transportation packaging and cartons and paper bags used for external packaging of products. With the development of papermaking technology and the enhancement of environmental awareness, traditional single paper materials are developing in the direction of composite diversification. Composite paper, functional special paper and pollution-free plant fiber materials with elongation of more than 1000% can be selected. 1000 or 1200mm paper has been continuously developed. The function and applicability of paper materials are not the same as before. It is not only widely used in medicine, cultural and educational supplies, hardware products, daily necessities, cigarettes, food, handicrafts, cosmetics, small household appliances, etc., but also replaces the packaging of other materials

under the trend of homogenization of various commodities, packaging has become the third critical factor for sales and brand image building after commodity quality and after-sales service. From the original function of commodity protection and convenient use, packaging has developed to increase commodity value, shape brand and promote sales. Packaging design has become an important part of commodity marketing plan. It is the first of the four paper packaging that can pass the quantity test. With the continuous development of paper materials and their processing technology, the shapes are becoming more and more diverse and more creative

the appropriate and practical structure and the novel and unique appearance have become important factors for businesses to enhance the market competition of products and brands. Excellent paper packaging will break through the limitations of previous paper packaging, give full play to the advantages of good physical properties of paper materials and printing applicability, fully display the characteristics of paper packaging, such as packaging, protection, convenience, presentation, aesthetics, and economic applicability, increase the added value of products and improve the sales capacity

from production to recycling, packaging paper includes processing technology, storage and transportation environment, marketing display, consumption and utilization, and recycling. The technical requirements and functional requirements of each link are the main basis for the packaging paper type design. These key paper forming factors are interrelated and restrict each other, which requires in-depth investigation by designers. The recent rise of folding cartons requires more preparation for the design of similar systems. Folding program design, cutting, indentation, slotting, one-time forming, unfolding, folding, display, portability and ease of use suitable for industrial production

paper material selection is also the key to create excellent packaging paper. The current paper-making process is quite advanced, and the paper material has developed from traditional single to diversified varieties and functional specialization. For example, the paper selected for food packaging includes water absorption, waterproof, heat preservation, solar energy to heat transfer, fruit residue paper, soybean residue paper, carrot paper, long-term mold proof paper, fresh-keeping paper, can paper, propylene synthetic paper, foam paper, self-adhesive packaging paper, hard light packaging paper and other new paper materials. Different contents have their own special requirements for packaging paper materials, including the standards specified in packaging laws and regulations and the characteristic needs of the merchants. Therefore, packaging designers should have a more specific understanding of the structure, grain direction, weight and thickness of various paper materials. Only by making proper use of the characteristics of paper can we create an amazing packaging paper shape perfectly

use the modeling rules of origami art for reference to create exquisite and unique three-dimensional paper packaging. Bending, bending, rolling, cutting, interleaving, jointing, indentation, extension, insertion, pasting, handover, surrounding and auxiliary tools are paper type ② according to their characteristics, they can be divided into: ultra-low temperature, foaming type, anaerobic type, conductivity, high temperature resistance, high barrier, anti-aging, anti medium, anti slippery agent composite polyurethane adhesive, etc; The forming basis, line type and volume of packaging are the appearance characteristics of paper form. Integrate the modeling language of paper art with the paper packaging structure, and make use of the cutting line, folding line, plane and hollowed out surface of paper to form the effect and function, so as to make the modeling structure beautiful and beautify the goods. Based on the feasible paper processing technology, it is carefully designed to cover the bottom of the lock, open the window, and avoid "excessive packaging" to prevent the damage to the handle, partition wall and other functional packaging structures during transportation, so as to save materials, reduce costs, facilitate storage, transportation, exhibition and sales, and facilitate customers' consumption and use

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