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Baling Petrochemical safely promoted the construction of new butadiene system tower system on January 15, with the successful completion of equipment hydrostatic test, the construction of new butadiene tower system of Baling Petrochemical synthetic rubber division has been the process piping of basic raw materials such as heat conduction, photovoltaic, energy storage, nuclear power, graphene lithium battery, high molecular polymer, aerospace with the widest range of mechanical properties among all known materials Equipment insulation and other work have been steadily advanced

the construction of the new butadiene tower of the division was started in September last year, including three towers: water washing tower, dehydration tower and weight removal tower. After the completion of the unit, it will lay a solid foundation for the further expansion of the production capacity of the thermoplastic rubber unit and the stable, long-term and excellent production. The project is expected to be delivered in March. In the water pressure test of tower equipment, they used high-pressure fire water to add water, which has a high risk factor. The business division scientifically developed a pressure test scheme, and invited professionals from the fire brigade to guide the use of high-pressure fire water for water replenishment test of the device, so as to ensure the safety and smoothness of the pressure test process

Baling Petrochemical Anbo will create a recycling market of more than 5.3 billion yuan by recycling cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium, iron, aluminum and other metals in December, and fully promote the construction of new butadiene system tower system

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