I'm not the God of medicine. It's oucai who protec

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A sentence "who hasn't had a patient yet" burst into tears, lamenting that life is hopeless in the face of "poor disease"

recently, my circle of friends has been brushing the screen. I'm not a god of medicine. They all said in unison that they were crying when they came out of the cinema. I've never been to the cinema and I've learned from my circle of friends

Cheng Yong, the protagonist played by Xu Zheng in the film, is not a leukemia patient, but only a simple drug evaluator. But with the in-depth touch with patients with CML and leukaemia, he realized that what he sells is not only drugs, but also the expectation of these people to live. A sentence "whose family has no patient yet" burst into tears, lamenting that life is hopeless in the face of "poor disease"

in the days of film combination, we won't pay attention to many tasks before they happen. In fact, we usually have to take precautions and develop a good day habit, starting from the small details of the day


the damage of noise to human body is systemic, which can not only cause changes in the auditory system, but also affect the non auditory system. The early stage of these effects is mainly physiological changes. Long term exposure to strong noise can cause pathological changes. In addition, noise in the workplace can also disturb verbal communication, affect work efficiency, and even cause accidents

we can't control the source of noise, but we can isolate the transmission of noise. Oucai doors and windows are made of bridge breaking aluminum alloy, using tempered insulating glass. Insulating glass is made of two (or three) pieces of glass, using high-strength and high air tightness composite adhesive, and bonding the glass with the aluminum alloy structure containing desiccant to make high-efficiency sound insulation and heat insulation glass. Insulating glass has many advantages over ordinary double-layer glass, so it has been recognized by countries all over the world. It is an outstanding new building material with heat insulation, sound insulation, beauty and applicability, and can reduce the self weight of buildings

the bridge broken aluminum doors and windows of European materials can isolate noise and make people comfortable with sound. Moreover, the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have the effect of heat insulation, and adhere to the constant temperature at any time, so that your home has always been in the "spring" temperature


air pollution, also known as air pollution, according to the definition of the international organization for Standardization (ISO), air pollution refers to the phenomenon that some substances enter the atmosphere due to human activities or natural processes, showing a satisfactory concentration, reaching the time of satisfaction, and thus damaging human comfort, health and welfare or the environment

European materials adopt EPDM sealant strip, which is not easy to aging and durable. The key to the practice of doors and windows is sealing. Whether the sealing is good or bad, the sealing strip plays an insignificant role. The effect of sealant strip is sound insulation, dust prevention, antifreeze and warmth preservation. It is necessary to have strong tensile strength, excellent elasticity, and good temperature resistance and aging resistance. The investment of sealing strip accounts for a small proportion, but its effect can not be ignored, effectively isolating the invasion of pollutants

European materials doors and windows strive to build high-end doors and windows in China, pour years of door and window planning and production experience, develop and introduce advanced technology, and create a better home life for millions of families. Having European wood doors and windows is the patron saint of your family





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