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The curtain of the living room is not only shading, but also needs to be integrated according to the style of the home. Different home styles need to match different curtains. If you want to choose a suitable curtain, you need to work hard on the design and color

Luo Qi felt that the curtains in the living room are not only shading, but also need to be integrated according to the home style. Different home styles need to match different curtains. If you want to choose a suitable curtain, you need to work hard on the design and color. Warm colored fancy curtains with indoor color matching show a warm and comfortable sense of space. When choosing curtain fabric art, we need to consider color. Everyone has a preference for different colors, but when choosing a cloth decoration room, we should also consider the overall interior style and the color of furniture

at present, there are many kinds of curtains in the market, such as cloth curtains, gauze curtains, European lifting curtains, water curtains, bamboo curtains, roller blinds, blinds and so on, which are dazzling. Whether the matching of curtains is appropriate can more fully reflect the owner's personality and taste. Liao Mei, who has been engaged in decoration design for many years, believes that curtains play a too powerful role in home collocation. For example, warm colors make people feel strong and excited, and bring a warm atmosphere to the room; Cool colors, you will feel elegant and quiet, which will make the indoor environment cool and pleasant. The color of furniture and walls must be coordinated with the color of curtains, such as light yellow walls. Curtains can be light brown or yellow; And the white curtain with any wall is relatively unified and coordinated, so it can be widely used

in the room with new smooth furniture, the curtains should not have wrinkles and edges. Otherwise, there will be a sense of complexity, making the home seem crowded. For small-scale houses, the colors of wall furniture and curtains should be close, with the same color and slightly different lightness. If the opposite side of the window is relatively open or has green plants, only the side curtains should be left, so that the scenery outside the window and the interior reflect each other

large area curtains usually appear in rooms with large window areas such as the large living room, the master bedroom and the large study. For example, choose a dark color that helps to reduce the sense of emptiness, cooperate with eye-catching and lively large-scale patterns that shrink the space, and design it into a generous large curtain or lift curtain, which will be very eye-catching




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