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the sofa in the living room is usually designed against the wall in the decoration process. However, some house types cannot be designed against the wall due to the large living room or other reasons, so how to design it better

if there is no wall, you can create the wall yourself

in addition to building the wall with cement, you can also use other materials such as glass

the low wall can not only play a partition role, but also does not affect the lighting

without the low wall, it is also good to use the cabinet as the back of the sofa

if there is a restaurant behind the back of the sofa, You can eat side cabinets

or directly adjacent to the dining table

the sofa can also be directly used as a partition of the living room and dining room

if the sofa is not against the wall, it can also be used as a partition of the two spaces, such as the sliding door

the height difference between the two spaces is used as a partition

the folding door can separate and merge the two spaces at any time

the sofa background is the bookcase, You can set aside a corridor position

if it is against the wall, it is not convenient for the storage function of the bookcase

there is an aisle through which one can pass

if the living room is connected with the study, you can use the desk and sofa back-to-back

open study, and the desk can also be combined with the storage cabinet

low wall Desk combination as sofa background

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