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At the beginning of the year of the pig, Vientiane is rejuvenated, and on the ninth day of the lunar new year, KEMET doors and windows looks back on 2018 and looks forward to 2019. We will not forget our original intentions, forge ahead, and work with people of insight to create, share and win-win results

at the beginning of the year of the pig, spring returns to all phenomena

bid farewell to the hard work and busyness of the past year

with longing and expectation for the new year

we usher in the first day of construction

the ninth day of the Lunar New Year

those unrealized dreams,

those distant places that have not yet arrived,

are waiting for our departure and start,

2019, live up to time and move forward for love

sweat sows hope and hardship casts brilliance

looking back on 2018, kemitt bucked the trend and made remarkable achievements

looking forward to 2019, we will not forget our original intention and forge ahead

new start, new journey, new hope

the new era is the era of strivers,

is the stage for dream chasers,

we have been trying to run,

we are all dream chasers

the plan of the year lies in spring. Let's take great strides towards the bright spring and the magnificent future with the attitude of unremitting struggle and the courage of forever chasing dreams

in the new year,

KEMET will work with high-quality products and excellent services,

more and more full spirit and persistent dream,

hand in hand with the vast number of people of insight,

create and share a win-win situation,

in the new year,

I wish you all good health, smooth work,

financial resources, and good luck





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