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The largest amount of home decoration is man-made board. Floors, furniture, wooden doors, etc. are all large pieces in decoration. However, due to the cumulative effect of formaldehyde emission from man-made board, people can only try to reduce the amount of man-made board in the decoration process for environmental protection. In fact, it is easy to crack the pollution of wood decoration. As long as all environmental protection products are selected, the massive use of artificial boards will not cause pollution. In addition to building environmentally friendly homes, we should also pay attention to environmentally friendly life

option 1: reactive ecological paint flooring

a series of troubles that have plagued Chinese wood flooring consumers for many years, such as decoration pollution and maintenance troubles caused by wood flooring decoration, are finally expected to be completely solved. Recently, Guangdong Yingbin Nature Wood Industry Co., Ltd., a well-known flooring brand, launched nature activated ecological paint flooring, adopting the latest activated ecological paint process in the flooring industry, completely overturning the traditional technical concept of wood flooring, and carrying out creative technological innovation on wood flooring products from three aspects: paint itself, sealing process and penetration technology

this product, which is called the best wooden floor in history, has three major technological innovations: first, it uses the proprietary active ecological paint of nature floor to replace the traditional paint; Secondly, the use of natural six sided ecological sealing technology solves the serious shortcomings of the traditional sealing technology; Finally, the original nine fold interactive penetration technology has completed the full integration of the floor and the paint surface

first of all, the active ecological paint newly developed by nature can continuously release negative ions, effectively remove formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful gases in the air, and absorb neutral or positively charged harmful gases to precipitate, so as to achieve the role of comprehensively purifying household air. Secondly, the six sided ecological sealing paint technology is also an innovation of nature flooring. This technology can effectively alleviate the penetration of moisture in the air into the floor, and has excellent moisture-proof performance; And because it resists the invasion of moisture, the change of moisture content of the floor is reduced, and the ability of the floor to resist deformation, shrinkage and cracking is greatly enhanced; The wear-resistant paint used on the surface of the product has good high-temperature resistance, flame retardancy and scratch resistance, which can better serve as the protective god of the wood floor, especially because this technology can make the surface paint layer penetrate deeply into the wood fiber holes, making the floor more flat and smooth, and effectively enhancing the wear resistance and service life of the floor. Finally, the nine fold interactive penetration technology is a unique paint bonding process of nature flooring. This technology uses advanced micro-computer deployment technology to instantly penetrate the paint into the fiber holes of wood through ultra-high pressure. According to the characteristics of the active ecological paint flooring, the product surface layer and the floor nine fold interactive penetration, so that the active ecological paint and the floor are integrated, so as to effectively solve the phenomena of paint cracking and wrinkling

option 2: formaldehyde free health board

formaldehyde free artificial board produced with polyurethane ecological adhesive and plant straw has been launched. In June this year, the continuous production line of health board, which is independently developed, assembled and mechanized in the whole process, was completely transformed and officially put into production, which is also the first continuous production line of health board in the world

first, the core technology of health board comes from a pure biological modified polyurethane ecological adhesive, which is non-toxic, harmless and stable. Polyurethane ecological adhesive can react with water molecules and hydroxyl groups in plant fibers to form strong chemical bonds, which can tightly bind the molecules of any substance. This kind of polyurethane ecological adhesive for wood-based panel can not only replace urea formaldehyde adhesive to make the physical properties of the substrate more superior, but also eliminate formaldehyde from the source

second, when polyurethane ecological adhesive is in contact with plant fibers, a triple reaction will occur, completely changing the molecular structure of fibers: 1 Surface film formation: react with the moisture on the fiber surface and in the air, plus the SiO2 on the surface of the straw itself to form a dense protective film; 2. Fiber osteogenesis: react with water inside the fiber to form a solidified layer and support the plate; 3. Hydroxyl reinforcement: it reacts with the hydroxyl of the fiber itself to optimize the physical properties of the plate. This chemical bonding structure makes the internal meridians of the plate deep, dense and seamless. According to the testing of authoritative institutions, all physical indicators of health board meet the national standards, among which the flame retardant index can reach the B1 Standard, and the non-traditional board can

third, the health board adopts the internationally leading vacuum fiber separation technology to successfully peel off the "strong and tough fiber" of plant stems and combine with polyurethane ecological adhesive to synthesize the health board. Due to the use of "strong toughness fiber" combined with polyurethane ecological adhesive, health board has the characteristics of easy plasticity, flame retardancy and deformation resistance. The test shows that the healthy board will not decompose or react at the temperature of minus 50 ℃ to 100 ℃, and the board is stronger

option 3: environmental friendly water-based wood paint

research has found that traditional paint contains benzene, xylene, free TDI, VOC organic volatiles, heavy metals and other substances, which are harmful to human body, while the water-based paint rising in recent years has outstanding environmental protection advantages

it is understood that the use rate of water-based paint in Europe has reached 80% - 90%, and since April 1st, 2004, the EU has banned the production, sale and use of oil-based paint. But in China, according to the China Paint Industry Association, the utilization rate of water-based paint is still very low, Beijing and Shanghai




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