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On September 26, just after the Mid Autumn Festival, at the headquarters of metus group, the first phase of LANEIGE curtain wallcovering trainee training 3D course is hot

on the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, our students overcame all kinds of difficulties such as travel congestion, and came from more than 200 franchise stores across the country, which shows the enthusiasm of every Lanzhi person for learning

the main courses this time are "kujiale design software" and "Lanzhi order system". "Kujiale" is a professional decoration design software. At present, it has a house type library covering 90% of the country, attracting more than 3million interior designers and more than 10million owner users. The VR intelligent interior design platform launched can produce renderings in 5 minutes. Through kujiale, users can search, draw and transform house types online through computers, drag and drop models for interior design, and quickly render and predict the decoration effect

Lanzhi order system is an intelligent and efficient production service software. Users can directly select funds in the order system. There are more than 700 samples in the order system. With a wide range of product styles, the order system can be used to distribute goods, place orders, and calculate expenses. Through the "kujiale" system and Lanzhi order system, Lanzhi really moves towards intelligence. From the early stage to the late stage of service, the whole process of Internet intelligence reflects the first-class service level in the domestic industry

trainees' training course site

after a short study of oneortwo days, the zero foundation trainees' works are displayed as follows: trainees' on-site works

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