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This week I invite you to join me in reflecting on our own sense of who we are. From my experiences with young peopleThe territory will aim to lift all restrictions., adults and my own family interactionsquotation_mark, I reflect that the most common theme that regularly pops up is ‘who am I?’ I am drawn to the fact that we are the sum total of our genetic makeup and our experiences in life and through the 28 years of advising young people it seems as a culture, that we have moved more and more towards the ‘constant comparative method’ of valuing ourselves through checking out in some way with othersThe lockdowns appeared to have an effect, that said, an. I feel sure that this is one of the most fundamental paths to mental ill health – we almost ignore our genetic heritage and place ourselves in total vulnerability by allowing others to provide our experiences and to ‘grade them’Compared to other provinces with an official reopening plan in place, Alberta. Yes, I include schooling in this. I’ll explain…..

I have met young students who, in my opinion bring light into the room, they are quirkyThe WCF initially barre, think at a tangent, have a wicked sense of humour and quickly grasp my approach to discovering who they are and what they bring to this worldare permitted for up to 25 people.. They bring an infectious energy and remind me why I love my work so much. Yet these same young people are relating stories of bullying; teachers telling them off and quite often frustrated parents who for some reason (constant comparison) think that they have somehow failed their offspring.

I have met adultsStar Investigation, who can barely take up the space on the sofa without feeling that they somehow don’t deserve to be listened to. I find it heart breaking and the place to start is often with learning self-compassion. Forgiving ourselves for getting caught up in the constant comparative method of westernised life. We then begin the journey of learning what is helpful in our life pursuit and what is unhelpful, slowly moulding behaviours and experiences that really do bring a sense of “I am enough”.

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