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Under the economic crisis, the downturn of the international economic situation has also had a certain impact on domestic enterprises. Many companies have adopted measures to increase revenue and reduce expenditure to enhance their competitiveness

improving quality and reducing waste products can increase income; Cost reduction is the source of competitiveness for an enterprise. The advent of hardcover cover machine has realized a new form of cost control with high quality and low consumption for enterprises under the economic crisis. The traditional hardcover cover production is completed by manual operation and semi-automatic machine, and the process is cumbersome and disorderly. Because of its high requirements for hardcover cover production, it often produces a high scrap rate, which increases the burden on enterprises, and runs counter to the idea that development should be synchronized with environmental protection, which is advocated by the world today. Therefore, the hardcover cover machine came into being under the new form of high requirements and low investment, and has realized increasing revenue and reducing expenditure for enterprises in many years of practical application

the defects of traditional cover production can be reflected in many aspects. First of all, manual gluing will lead to uneven gluing, resulting in improper pasting of face paper and paperboard, resulting in unnecessary waste. Secondly, when manually placing paperboard, there are often large deviations, which directly affect the effect of folding. Finally, the place of rubbing corners and the flatness of folding edges are important steps that affect the integrity and aesthetics of the whole hardcover cover, and manual operation often causes problems in this step. Any of the above links has problems or deviations, For the hardcover with strict requirements, on June 27, Shenzhen water new materials Co., Ltd. (securities referred to as "water shares") Noodles are not qualified. Moreover, manual operation also involves workers' proficiency and mental state. Once the proficiency is insufficient or mental fatigue, then the waste of materials is bound to be more

the fully automatic hardcover cover machine developed by Wenzhou Ruida machinery for many years has achieved a new breakthrough in hardcover cover production, achieved cost savings for enterprises under the economic crisis, and also contributed to environmental protection. Feida suction paper feeding structure, unique paperboard positioning and deviation correction function, air suction device of production line, automatic leveling device, automatic control lifting platform, intelligent software control system, human-machine interface touch screen display and operation, fully automatic hardcover cover machine, these characteristics effectively solve the defects caused by manual production, and make the finished cover delicate and beautiful

the most important thing is the emergence of cover machine, which has reduced the number of labor force for cover production. As we all know, the cost of employing labor is now much higher than in the past when multiple sets of equipment can be purchased at the same time. And the personnel mobility is large, which is not easy to manage. Therefore, in the long run, the use of cover machine can save a lot of labor costs for enterprises

the fully automatic hardcover cover cover machine is suitable for making hardcover book cases, photo albums, wall calendars, desk calendars, folders, book boxes, and can meet the needs of different customers. It is reported that on April, 2010, at the 2010 Lihua international color box exhibition held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan, Wenzhou Ruida will bring this equipment to the exhibition site and will conduct a startup demonstration. Wenzhou Ruida will join hands with Lihua international color box exhibition to help customers survive this cold winter and maximize the interests of enterprises

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