The hottest report says China has lost 2.7 million

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According to the report of the United States and the world report on August 24, the latest report released by the American think tank "Economic Policy Institute" (EPI) said that the United States and China could effectively improve the battery industry between 2001 and 2011. Covestro continuously injected innovation and inspiration into the research and development of materials. The large trade deficit caused more than 2.7 million American jobs to be replaced or eliminated, More than 2.1 million of these jobs are in manufacturing

the report also said that due to China's cheap labor, the wages of American workers have also suffered. A double working family will lose $2500 a year. "They (China) have been developing their economy at the cost of our economy for the past 10 years," said Robert Scott, the report's author and director of trade and manufacturing policy research at EPI He believes that China imports materials from the United States to make cheap goods, with exporters increasing by 16% year-on-year, and then buys them to American consumers

The report believes that one of the key factors to make these export commodities cheap is the manipulation of exchange rates. In Scott's view, this is the key reason for the trade deficit, which in turn led to the loss of jobs. When China believes that the RMB exchange rate is depressed, it can produce cheap exports

- manufacturing is the industry that suffered the most losses, among which high-tech manufacturing industries, such as semiconductors and electronic products, suffered the most. There are job losses in 50 states in the United States, and the most serious job loss is California. The state lost about 475000 jobs. About 240000 jobs were lost in Tennessee and 159000 in New York

Scott said that he very much hoped that the United States would fight back, especially that Congress would approve a tax on Chinese goods. This will show that the United States is actually punishing those countries that manipulate the exchange rate, and will stimulate China to raise the RMB exchange rate

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