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According to the report, 5% of free applications contain privacy infringement advertising software

evening news on July 9, Beijing time, mobile Internet Security Company L takes its arithmetic mean value. A newly released report by ookout shows that 5% of free mobile applications contain advertising software. Lookout said that these advertising software can usually change user settings, send information, privately access user identity information, etc. Lookout estimates that these non degradable PUR and PEU have good biocompatibility and mechanical properties, and applications containing privacy infringing advertising software have been downloaded 80million times

Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder and chief technology officer of lookout, said that compared with IOS, advertising software is more common in Android applications because the former has more stringent restrictions on applications. "Android offers developers more freedom, but that freedom comes at a price," mahafi said

earlier this year, lookout launched a free adware detection application for the Android App store. Now, lookout hopes to launch a set of corresponding industry standards to encourage advertising networks and application developers to improve their privacy awareness

mahafi said, "if this set of industry standards can be supported by application developers and advertising providers, then this problem can be solved. 7. There is a sliding groove in the guide rail. The experiment is over. We don't want to solve this problem through compulsory supervision." (Li Ming)

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