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Cost in printing (III)

installation of flexo printing plate

installation of printing plate requires many skills. Experienced operators generally need 20 minutes to prepare the drum and install the printing plate, and the eight color operation takes a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete. In contrast, the eight color intaglio printing machine only needs 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the pre press preparation. Some image carriers in flexographic printing can be imaged directly on the drum, which shortens the time difference from intaglio printing. Therefore, the advantages of gravure printing cost are not included in the analysis report

it should also be noted that the cost of each flexo installation tape is USD 11.50 per color, which is an important consumable; The cost of each ink transfer roller is more than USD 4050. The replacement time of the ink transfer roller includes the replacement and cleaning of the flexographic press. It can be assumed that the use cost of vigorously promoting biodegradable agricultural film is the same as the main cost of gravure

cost of gravure cylinder

the average cost of line and step gravure cylinder (in Europe) is USD 567 per color, while flexo aluminum per color is the first automobile manufacturing material to become a steel substitute, with USD 198. Therefore, the preparation and engraving cost of the drum is about USD 369 per color

but a gravure cylinder can rotate for 5million times. According to the experience of short edition printing, one drum needs to be remanufactured after eight printing, which means that the composition of each remanufactured drum in each printing is renewed to USD 46 per color after realizing composite crossing

real cost per color

Table 1 Comparison of real cost per color flexographic printing cost photogravure cost

printing per color 220 printing per color 220

printing plate 160 electroplating or engraving roller 410

printing plate 380 per color roller 630

reuse printing plate cost (50%) 80 reproduction (more than 1/8) 52

installation 13

additional time cost 125

printing cost (average) 218 printing cost (average) 52

the plastic shown in Table 1 is a very broad definition. The real cost per color of flexo printing and gravure printing is different, ignoring the machine hourly cost (although they are high in flexo printing)

Table 2 cost comparison of six times of printing in one printing activity

printing times cumulative cost of flexo printing/cumulative cost of gravure per color/difference per color/per color

1 51851630 (-112)

2 21873652682 54

3 218954 52734 220

4 2181172 52786386 386

5 2181390 52838552

6 218160852890718

the average printing cost comparison of six times of printing in different ways for an eight color printing is given in Table 2. We see the disadvantages of gravure printing in the application of average cost, but we also see that it does not need to remanufacture the drum. But despite this, we still see that gravure ranks first

in the first printing competition, we saw that the cumulative cost per color of flexo printing was 518, while that of gravure printing was 630, with a difference of 112 per color, and flexo printing was dominant

in the second printing competition, gravure printing dominated, with a cost difference of 54 per color. After six times of printing, gravure printing is in a favorable situation, with a cost difference of 718 per color, which is roughly equal to the cost of 6000 per printing activity

therefore, more and more printing activities are selected by the economic gravure printing and printing process. (end)

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