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According to the report, Chinese consumers have become the world's largest luxury consumer group

according to Xinhua news agency, Paris, December 18 (Li Ming), Bain, a world-renowned strategic consulting company, 5 Diameter of loading cylinder and supporting cylinder: 10 ± 0.1mm; The effective length of the loading cylinder and the supporting cylinder: 46 mm. The "Research Report on China's luxury market" released on the 18th said that Chinese consumers have become the world's largest luxury consumer group, purchasing 25% of the world's luxury goods, stimulated by the decline of the euro exchange rate and the warming of overseas tourism

the report points out that the sales volume of luxury goods in mainland China increased by 7% in 2012, but the luxury consumption expenditure of Chinese consumers abroad increased by 31%. 60% of Chinese consumers' luxury goods are purchased abroad. The scale of China's luxury market has surpassed that of Japan, ranking second in the world. At present, the US luxury market ranks first in the world. Although there are still some uncertainties in 2013, China's luxury market still shows positive growth prospects. Joel de Montgolfier, director of bulk consumption, retail and luxury goods department of Bain company, pointed out that the Chinese market is becoming more and more important. Luxury brands need to constantly adjust product supply and customer experience according to the special expectations of Chinese consumers, and launched two forward-looking development projects. Improve the blow molding machine to the high-end level

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