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According to the report, the confiscation of the glass bottle factory by Venezuela is illegal. A Venezuelan American enterprise called Owens Illinois has opened two factories in Venezuela, mainly producing glass bottles, because it is suspected of damaging the local environment and squeezing workers. We will show you the impact toughness factory of pendulum impact testing machine and actively expand its application field This equipment adopts high sensitive sensors. Tiffany Johnston said that now Venezuelan soldiers are stationed in both factories, but the normal operation of the factory has not been affected. The factory said on its official website that it was ready to cooperate with relevant Venezuelan officials to deal with relevant problems as soon as possible. It was incorporated as a state-owned enterprise by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on October 25. This is one of the actions of Venezuela to nationalize food on a large scale to help people better carry out the processing and distribution of choice products

according to the article, Chavez has carried out nationalization reform of the country's food and beverage enterprises since he won the parliamentary election last month, and empreas polar SA, the country's largest beer and food processing enterprise, is the main target of rectification. As the main supplier of glass bottles of the enterprise, Owens Illinois company unfortunately became the target of Chavez

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