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According to the report, the prospects of European enterprises in China have deteriorated. China's largest European business group released a report saying that the prospects of European enterprises in China have deteriorated, and their profitability is significant. China's building exterior wall insulation market consumption is about 43.29 million square meters, which has decreased. The two sections of the broken sample are aligned at the fracture, and it is not clear whether the Chinese government can seriously embark on the necessary economic reform. In the report released on May 30, the European Chamber of Commerce in China said that the profitability of its member enterprises in China has fallen to the lowest level in history, and they are not sure whether the Chinese government has any policy intention. The rapid development of electric vehicles in China has driven the rapid growth of the lithium battery diaphragm industry, and the necessary economic reform has been seriously carried out

the chamber of Commerce said: with the increasingly depressed market and the pressure brought by the slowdown of China's economic growth, coupled with the continued high regulatory requirements and sometimes unfair discrimination against foreign enterprises, the profitability and revenue growth of European enterprises have declined significantly

the report surveyed 550 European enterprises operating in China

Davide cucino, chairman of the chamber of Commerce, said in a statement: Although senior leaders of the Chinese government have repeatedly said that they will take reform measures in the future and improve the regulatory environment by giving greater play to market forces, European enterprises have seen few substantive reforms so far. Financial performance is deteriorating, and optimism about profitability has fallen to the lowest point

the chamber of Commerce said that its member enterprises regard strengthening the legal system as the most important aspect of the reform to promote economic growth. Among the surveyed enterprises, the proportion of enterprises with increased revenue in China fell to 62%, while the proportion of enterprises with increased profits fell to 44%

the chamber of Commerce said that the biggest factor leading to the decline in profits was the rise in labor costs, the slowdown in economic growth in China and Europe, and the intensification of competition. The chamber of Commerce said that the regulatory discrimination against European enterprises has put them in a more serious dilemma

according to its report, market access is the most worrying aspect. About half of European enterprises mentioned that they had lost business opportunities due to market access and regulatory concerns. This raises questions about the Chinese government's statement of a fair competition environment

however, the report also indicates that European companies regard China as an increasingly important market in their global strategies. The chamber of Commerce said that more than 70% of the surveyed enterprises are still optimistic about China's growth prospects due to the increasingly strict domestic environmental protection work, and 86% of the enterprises intend to further increase investment in China

the conclusions of this report on the business environment are similar to those of a report released by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai in February. But the tone of the American Chamber of Commerce report is not too pessimistic

like European enterprises, the business environment of American enterprises in China has also deteriorated. This is the second consecutive year that their profits, revenues and profit margins have declined in China. In addition, the number of American enterprises complaining about unfair law enforcement has also increased significantly

the report said that for the third consecutive year, two-thirds of American enterprises surveyed believed that the regulatory environment had become worse or remained unchanged

however, the report also said that more than 90% of American enterprises are optimistic or relatively optimistic about the five-year plan to operate in China in the future, because China's personal income has increased by nearly 10% compared with the previous year, and it is expected that domestic consumption will triple in the next 20 years

according to the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, on the whole, American enterprises mainly occupy the mass consumer goods market, while European enterprises operating in China mainly supply the luxury market

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