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Report on the application of PET materials in alcoholic beverages (V)

research status and application of PET beer bottles

Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. has 24 years of professional experience in producing PET packaging, and is the first recognized supplier of Coca Cola and Pepsi in China. In 2000, it became the largest pet packaging production base in China

Zhongfu, headquartered in Zhuhai, has nearly 100 PET packaging factories nationwide, more than 160 blank injection and bottle blowing production lines, and has obtained more than 90 patents. The main products are non-woven fabrics, adhesive cotton products, paper products, label products, anti-theft plastic bottle cap products, PE heat shrinkable film, polyester bottle products, PET bottle blanks, pet carbonated beverage bottles and mineral water bottles, hot filling, the latest pet fresh-keeping bottle series products (PET beer bottles, fruit juice bottles, etc.)

pet is the English abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate, and its Chinese name is polyethylene terephthalate (polyester for short)

health and safety of PET materials:

1 The PET raw materials used by our company meet the hygienic requirements of the national standard gb13114-91

2 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes that

Pet materials comply with safety regulations 

21cfr part 177.1637 approved for direct contact with food

technical status of PET beer bottles:

1 Single layer bottle:

(1) pet and pen copolymer: pen is a polyacetic polymer compound in which the benzene ring in pet is replaced by the naphthalene ring. Naphthalene ring has greater rigidity than benzene ring, so pen has higher heat resistance and better mechanical properties than pet, better gas permeability, reliable chemical stability and health safety

(2) pet and pen blending materials: British shell company has developed the blending of 10% pen (hiperfaf-8910) and 90% pet. It is said that the shelf life of beer is about 2 times longer than that of pet

(3) pet/nylon blend resin

2 Coating bottle

(1) outer coating: the outer coating PVDC (polyvinylidene chloride) developed in the UK

the outer coating developed in Germany

(2) inner coating:

French side plasma coating technology: plasma (ACTIS) technology is to send gaseous acetylene into PET bottles under vacuum conditions, excite acetylene into plasma state through microwave processor, and the energy of plasma particles impacting on the bottle wall suddenly disappears, A thin and dense solid highly oxidized amorphous carbon coating is formed on the wall. 

DLC vapor deposition technology in Japan: its coating process is to send the PET bottle into the coating room equipped with electrodes, then extract air to ensure that the vacuum state is maintained inside and outside the container, and then inject acetylene gas into the bottle to act on the electrode with high-frequency current. The coating room is the outer electrode, and the acetylene tube is the inner electrode. Due to current discharge, acetylene is decomposed into ionic carbon and ionic hydrogen and combined on the surface of the bottle

3 Multi layer bottle

(1) three layer structure bottle: pet/barrier layer/pet

(2) five layer structure bottle: pet/barrier layer/pet/barrier layer/pet

barrier layer materials: EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer), PA (nylon nanocomposite), MXD6 (polyamide), etc

technical achievements: through optimizing raw materials, bottle blank design, preliminary operation of fatigue testing machine into the factory and future protection, we have a detailed understanding: reasonable bottle shape and bottle mouth design, successfully developed a three-layer PET beer bottle, and obtained a number of patents. The bottle has high barrier property, heat resistance, pressure resistance, lightproof and transparency, which meets the pasteurization process

first, optimize raw materials:

three layer structure bottle:

in addition to the good barrier effect on gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide), the sandwich material must also meet the requirements of processing performance, and determine the control index of multi-layer composite material required by the process, so as to ensure the quality of products

after repeated experiments, analysis and screening, we finally choose EVOH

chemical name: ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer resin

characteristics: it has the gas barrier and temperature resistance of vinyl alcohol, while maintaining the temperature resistance of ethylene components

second, optimize the preform design

in order to provide a good barrier for PET beer bottles, the first step is the injection molding of multi-layer preforms. To this end, we have introduced foreign advanced injection molding machines and made special improvements to become a nozzle with two hot channels. After drying in different hoppers, the raw materials and sandwich materials enter two different hot runner through the push of the screw, and the formed three layers of molten liquid enter the mold cavity of the bottle blank through the same nozzle. After continuous discussion, through the regulation of temperature and pressure, the flow rate of the two channels can be better controlled; The interlayer is uniform and smooth, which lays a good foundation for the blow molding of three-layer bottle blanks. This project will explore the preparation basis of different polymer based nanocomposites using graphene based materials

III. reasonable bottle shape design: the production process that has withstood pasteurization

because multi-layer bottle blanks are blow molded at one time, the shape design of bottle blanks is very important. In order to provide PET beer bottles with a simple polyester beer bottle with good overall support hardness and strength, deformation resistance, and relatively low production cost, in order to realize the production process of pasteurization, a bottle with good compression resistance, and one-time blow molding, the PET bottle adopts a special structural design. After completing the reasonable bottle shape design, we must consider the elongation of the bottle blank, the ratio of horizontal and vertical, the thickness of the bottle blank, the cooling time and so on, and optimize it, so as to design a reasonable beer bottle blank

IV. bottle mouth design:

the arrangement of PET raw material molecules makes it unstable under high temperature conditions, thus affecting the sealing of the bottle mouth. In order to provide a bottle that can withstand the pasteurization process and still maintain the original stable state with good sealing performance, we have carried out a special treatment of crystallization on the bottle mouth. The crystallized bottle blank effectively improves the heat-resistant temperature and dimensional stability of the polyester beer bottle mouth. The bottle mouth crystallization technology achieves good sealing effect in application

v. plastic screw cap:

through the repeated adjustment of the bottle cap production process and raw material ratio, the plastic screw cap that can be pasteurized is successfully developed. When filling and sterilizing, find the appropriate sealing torque and opening torque

VI. product standard

after years of research and development of the above five technologies, PET beer bottles that can be pasteurized have been successfully developed, and a perfect product enterprise standard has been formulated

VII. In addition to research and development, we have also invested a lot of work in the application of PET beer bottles:

1 Support from authoritative institutions: from the beginning of research and development to now, it has been supported and helped by the China food and Fermentation Research Institute to track and summarize the physical and chemical indicators, flavor substances and sensory evaluation of many batches of PET beer in the research and development and market, and has been guided by the Industry Association. After four years of efforts, the beer filled in PET beer bottles meets the national beer standards, and the evaluation results are not significantly different from glass bottles

2. Cooperation of equipment: "if you want to do good work, you must first use its tools". On the PET beer filling equipment, our company and Nanjing Light Machinery Co., Ltd. discussed the transformation of capping head and vacuum pumping on the original glass bottle filling line, so that the original filling line becomes a front-line dual-purpose equipment, and the replacement and commissioning of accessories only take 2 hours. The enterprises that have been successfully transformed and used include Kirin Beer (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., Yanjing Beer (Laizhou) Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Sanjiu Beer Co., Ltd., etc

3. Strong support from beer enterprises:

1) from the research and development stage (2002), we have been assisted by Kirin Beer (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. Various items were tested on site, and the first batch of PET bottled beer sterilized by pasteurization in China was filled in May, 2003

2) at the beginning of 2005, Hebei lanbei Wine Group launched 1600ml pasteurized PET beer bottles with handles in China. Because they are not explosive, safe and easy to carry, three bottles on top of one bottle can be drunk twice, and the taste remains the same. So far, 1600ml PET beer bottles have been sold to provinces and cities across the country, and the phenomenon that supply exceeds demand shows that consumers love PET beer bottles. In order to meet the market demand, our company officially signed a ten-year PET beer bottle online (bottle blowing and filling) contract with Hebei lanbei wine group in June 2005. This year, in order to speed up the development of the project, lanbei group developed a series of products, successfully displayed 1000ml and 380ml pet lanbei beer at the sugar and wine fair, and achieved good results

3) domestic enterprises that use PET beer bottles also include Yanjing (Laizhou) beer company and Lianwei beer company, which use this to imitate the test environment company in which driverless cars cannot receive signals in the tunnel

VIII. Characteristics of PET beer bottles: "safety, light weight, high efficiency, fashion, environmental protection"


safety: do not explode bottles, protect the interests of consumers, "people-oriented" has become the ultimate goal of business philosophy and values+

light weight: light weight. For example, the 380ml bottle is only 34g, which saves the packaging cost and transportation cost of beer

high efficiency: the management of recycled bottles is saved in the beer filling process; Reduce the bottle washing process of glass bottles and the sewage treatment of cleaning agents; The time of bottle cleaning due to explosion is saved

fashion: PET beer bottles have great shape plasticity, with different capacities (330ml-2000ml), various colors and various bottle types

environmental protection: PET beer has a high recycling rate and can be recycled as carpets, furniture, glue sprayed cotton, lining cloth, etc., which greatly saves marketing costs and is conducive to environmental protection and effective utilization of resources

disadvantages: at present, the single cost of products is high. With the extensive use of products, the continuous improvement and updating of raw materials and the improvement of design, the cost of products will be greatly reduced

IX: product application prospect

1. The serialization of products provides consumers with more choices: with the progress of science and technology and the guidance of consumption trends, the beer packaging market will adopt a new way to standardize the construction and acceptance of automatic fire alarm system GB 50166 (9) 2. The concept of novelty, difference and change will go deep into people's consumption concepts and behavior habits. If customers feel convenient and thoughtful in the process of purchasing, carrying and using, they will form a recognition of the value of the product and produce a sense of closeness. No matter what form of packaging, there is only one purpose, that is, to deliver high-quality beer products to consumers, which is where the majority of beer manufacturers need "packaging"

2. The reduction of transportation costs has expanded the sales radius of products

3. Tapping the potential of market consumption: designing new bottle types can also improve market competitiveness, and the consumer market will always follow fashion. Products with different capacities can be suitable for different consumer places and different consumer groups. Such as suburban activities, family gatherings, sports venues, etc., can provide consumers with a safe and reliable consumer goods at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

X. cooperation mode:

1 Way of bottle transportation: give full play to the advantages of our company's national network, and transport and deliver at the shortest distance and fastest speed

2. Joint venture cooperation mode: Zhongfu will provide and install bottle blowing machines in beer enterprises, so as to achieve zero inventory management of bottle blowing and filling at the same time

source: Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd

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