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China marriage and family report: more than half of the happy couples were introduced by acquaintances

the China happy marriage and family survey report was released, and more than half of the happy couples were introduced by acquaintances. (data picture)

Beijing, China, November 20 (Luo Wangshu) yesterday, the China marriage and Family Research Association, headed by the all China Women's Federation, jointly released the "survey report on China's happy marriage and family - a sample survey of ten cities in 2015" in Beijing. The survey found that the introduction of acquaintances (54.3%) was still the main way of acquaintance between spouses. The proportion of couples who used to be classmates is 9.3 percentage points higher than that of the post-80s generation

with the rise of Internet, the proportion of people getting to know each other through new Internet social tools is increasing. Compared with the post-60s generation, the success rate of the post-80s generation has increased by more than 10 times

at the same time, the "first love complex" tends to fade, the first love complex after 60 is more obvious, and the proportion of intergenerational and first love marriage in the future is significantly reduced. Influenced by the concept, the proportion of cohabitation before marriage has also increased year by year

the survey also found that more than 90% of women get married before the age of 30. The late marriage policy is implemented most thoroughly after 70, and the average marriage age is 29.6 years old

"the survey provides everyone with a blueprint for a happy family, including married couples, single people and people who will get married after the anchor nut is poured," commented Tan Lin, vice president of the China marriage and Family Research Association

Li Song, founder and chairman of zhenai, said that zhenai will continue to work with the China marriage and family research association to jointly pay attention to Chinese marriage and do everything possible to guide the path to a happy marriage for men and women in marriage

the survey was launched in October 2014. Through questionnaires and case interviews, 10 representative cities including Beijing, Guangzhou and Chongqing were sampled, and a total of 10157 valid questionnaires were collected. The respondents are couples who are happy with their family life, from different social strata, aged at, including the post-60s, Post-70s, post-80s and post-85s. 4. Software and hardware: excellent electronic universal testing machine adopts brand computers and post-90s four main age generations

the survey analyzed the relationship mode of happy marriage from the aspects of marriage conclusion mode and elements, and on this basis, combed out some enlightenment of achieving happy marriage, including tolerance and consideration, emphasis on communication, joint decision-making and sharing, etc

government leaders and experts and scholars in family research also participated in the release of the report and put forward their opinions

PENG Peiyun, former president of the all China Women's Federation, affirmed the series of activities of the China marriage and Family Research Association and zhenai to give full play to their respective advantages to carry out marriage and family research and serve the construction of marriage and family. She hopes that the project research can be extended to small and medium-sized cities and rural areas

Zhen Yan, President of the China marriage and Family Research Association, pointed out that the "13th five year plan" clearly proposed to pay attention to family construction, warmly congratulate Chongqing customers on purchasing our universal testing machine, adhere to the basic national policy of gender equality, and protect the rights and interests of women and minors. This points out the way forward for the marriage and family research association to better participate in the construction of service families, and further simply put

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