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Is it unjust that no interconnected car manufacturing enterprise has obtained the qualification

on March 1, Zhidou got the 11th new energy vehicle license. So far, the new energy vehicle license plate is still not shared by the interconnected vehicle manufacturing enterprises. Why? As a special reporter on the new energy vehicle industry, the author believes that there are many reasons why the Internet car manufacturing enterprises did not get the qualification

there are a series of hard requirements for obtaining new energy vehicle licenses. The understanding of these requirements is very different between traditional auto people and it people, which is one of the main reasons why Internet car manufacturing enterprises have not obtained qualifications so far

an Internet car manufacturer has called on many occasions not to rigidly stipulate that enterprises must have production bases, hoping to produce cars by OEM. We are not surprised by this idea. OEM is very popular in the IT field. Is it feasible in the automotive field

many IT products are manufactured by OEM. The above introduction is about the experimental precautions of impact testing machine. For example, Lenovo's motherboard is manufactured by elite ECs, MSI, Gigabyte and other OEM manufacturers, there are more OEM manufacturers of graphics cards, and ATI graphics cards are manufactured by lanbao or Powercolor. Carefully observe these OEM products have two characteristics: first, OEM products are not high-end products; Second, the general agent industry and commerce does not do terminal retail

it products involve electronic technology, which gives people the impression of cutting-edge technology because most consumers do not understand it. In fact, a lot of it OEM labor input is low, and the technology of products is not so sophisticated. There are only subtle differences in some OEM products, and the homogenization is serious. And the core technology in it, such as chips, has no OEM phenomenon, nor does supercomputer

htc used to be a OEM, and later founded a brand. Since then, no enterprise has asked it to OEM this aspect of production. Foxconn is a giant in the OEM industry, but its end products cannot be found in the market. It seems that there is no enterprise in the automotive industry that only does OEM business

once a domestic auto tycoon publicly expressed his willingness to do auto OEM. People can't help asking, is it really feasible to OEM cars? There are successful cases of automobile OEM

Tesla is a very successful case of it man-made car. In the early stage, Tesla OEM produced roadster by lotus. Finally, Tesla produced its own model

Iron tower

however, the machinery manufacturing industry also has a painful lesson. Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan used to be infinitely brilliant, comparable to Panasonic and Toshiba in the field of household appliances, and this enterprise took over the OEM business when its business was booming. As a result, its brand washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, etc. were greatly affected. Finally, Sanyo Electric withdrew from the stage of history in 2015

although OEM is popular in the field of it and luxury goods, it is difficult to pass in the field of machinery manufacturing. The author believes that automobile and it products belong to two different categories. In addition to high-end products such as supercomputers, general it OEM products are less complex and process requirements than automobiles

there are four processes (stamping, welding, painting, assembly) and five assemblies (engine, steering gear, transmission, front and rear axles, frame) for automobiles, which have core technologies. With so many core technologies combined, it is quite difficult for matching to eliminate the flake convergence of graphene

consumers may not care that apple is not produced by Apple itself, or that LV bags are produced by ordinary workers in Southeast Asia. However, they are very concerned about who produces the car. Consumers' pursuit of the car brand is doomed to explore who manufactures the car

BMW and Mercedes Benz are world-famous automobile enterprises. Will they OEM? I don't think so. Research and development of cars is an extremely hard work. Enterprises invest a lot of money, and finally earn only a small OEM profit, while their products may also be affected. If they are OEM, they may become a joke in the automotive industry

automobile is an industry that needs long-term and large capital investment. Look at the development history of Mercedes Benz and BMW abroad, and then count the development tracks of several domestic independent enterprises. They have experienced decades and hundreds of years of precipitation to achieve today's results. It is difficult for most Internet car manufacturing enterprises to have this patience, which is determined by capital factors

most domestic interconnected car manufacturing enterprises choose to introduce venture capital. These venture capital funds have several remarkable characteristics. The scale of funds is not very large, and they focus on relatively short-term high returns. Automobile R & D and production is an industry that needs to be adhered to for a long time, and the profit margin is much lower than that of the IT industry. These characteristics are not completely consistent with the demands of venture capital funds

a government official once believed that it would take at least 10billion yuan to build new energy vehicles. This is just the beginning, and there is still a lot of follow-up investment. Because the R & D and production of cars really need to invest a lot of money. At present, few interconnected car manufacturing enterprises can meet this requirement

up to now, none of the interconnected car manufacturing enterprises has obtained the qualification. Is it unjust? At present, there seems to be different voices in the industry. However, not getting it now does not mean not getting it in the future. In addition, a considerable number of interconnected car makers have recognized these problems and have built their own factories to build cars. Their ideas are changing, and they also expect their car dream to come true as soon as possible

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