Norscan pulp inventory fell by 1.18 million in Mar

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Norscan pulp inventory fell by 118000 metric tons in March

according to the latest statistical data released by the Montreal pulp and Paper Products Council (pppc), the inventory of manufacturers of chemical paper grade commercial pulp in North America and Northern Europe (norscan) fell by 118000 metric tons to 1.695 million metric tons in March 2002 due to the decline in operating rates and a sharp increase in shipments

in March, the operating rate of norscan manufacturers was 86.9%, and the shipment capacity ratio was 92.7%, which reduced their inventory availability from 31.1 days in February to 28.6 days. The operating rate and shipment rate in February 2002 were 91.5% and 94.5% respectively

in March, norscan manufacturers' shipments and output were 1.891 million metric tons and 1.774 million metric tons respectively

norscan's four member countries' inventories have declined:

Canada 697000 metric tons, down 66000 metric tons

the United States 537000 metric tons, down 43000 metric tons

Finland 88000 metric tons, down 7000 metric tons

Sweden 373000 metric tons, down 2000 metric tons

Canada's operating rate is only 81.4%, while Finland's is only 81.8%. The United States and Sweden are 90.4% and 96.0% respectively

the inventory of bleached cork kraft pulp was 1.227 million metric tons, down 97000 metric tons; The inventory of bleached hardwood kraft pulp was 374000 metric tons, down 35000 metric tons

Sweden and the United States have the highest shipment rates, 96.3% and 96.2% respectively, while Canada and Finland have 89.8% and 85.7% respectively

according to the annual comparison to 2020, the shipment to Europe is also increasing, with an increase of 10.5% in March this year compared with the same period in 2001, such as oxidized degradable plastic bags, packaging and instant food containers made of expanded polystyrene (February 2002 increased by 10.7% compared with February 2001, and January was 2.7% lower)

compared with the same period in 2001, to ensure that the electric machine of electronic tensile test moves according to the instructions of the control software, the shipment volume of Africa and Europe surged by 29.9% after all the Asian projects were put into operation in March

judging from the situation of the past year, the inventory decline in March this year is normal. In the past five years, the average decline was 156000 metric tons, and in the past 10 years, it was 110000 metric tons. Even in March, 2001, when the market was much weaker, inventories decreased by 97000 metric tons, compared with 160000 metric tons, 289000 metric tons and 153000 metric tons in the previous three years

manufacturers continue to reduce production, and routine maintenance in spring is also in progress

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