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None of the 50 household lighting in Nanjing is qualified

Abstract: on June 21, Nanjing Consumer Association released an investigation report on the lighting environmental quality of residential buildings. We learned that the Association conducted a sampling survey of 50 families in Nanjing from the perspective of industry valuation, and the results showed that there were problems in all household lighting

everyone is used to working and living under the light, but do you know that there is an invisible "killer" in these lights? On June 21, Nanjing Consumer Association released an investigation report on the lighting environmental quality of residential buildings. It was learned that the Association conducted a sampling survey of 50 families in Nanjing, and the results showed that there were problems with lighting in all families. Some family lights are dim, and some family lights cannot display colors normally. The most serious thing is that the color temperature of some lights is too high, which affects sleep and interferes with the biological clock

most Nanjing households use LED lights

in order to investigate the lighting environment of Nanjing households, Nanjing Consumer Association selected 50 Nanjing households for investigation, which are located in 8 districts, namely Gulou, Xuanwu, Qinhuai, Jianye, Jiangning, Qixia, Pukou and Yuhuatai, and the decoration time ranges from new decoration to 13 years. After the sample is selected, the staff of the national light industry electric light source material quality supervision and testing center will carry the instrument to the site for testing

Modern Express learned that led lighting has become the main lighting source in Nanjing households. 21 households use LED light sources, 18 households use fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps, and 11 households use LED lamps, fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps mixed

different lighting requirements in the room, more than half of the family bedroom lights have problems

whether the lights are bright enough is one of the important indicators of this inspection. The light at home is too dark to see clearly, which will affect your eyesight. The light is too bright and irritates your eyes

Yang Lan, deputy director of the consumption guidance department of Nanjing Consumer Association, said that they found in the survey that some people feel drowsy and listless at home, which may be related to the dim light

according to the functionality of the room, the lighting brightness of the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and the bedroom of the elderly apartment should be different. Among them, the elderly apartments require the brightest lights, and the lighting illumination requirements of normal family bedrooms are relatively low. Because the eyesight of the elderly decreases, they need more adequate lighting

the test results were surprising. The inspectors tested 318 rooms in 50 families, and the overall compliance rate was less than half. Among them, the bedroom has the most problems, with a compliance rate of only 46%, which is either too bright or too dark. Some of them are hardbound repair rooms. The lighting of all rooms is the same, and there is no distinction

for example, in a hardbound repair room of a real estate in Jiangning, the LED lights selected meet the requirements in other indicators, but the illumination is far lower than the standard requirements. Yang Lan said that the main reason is that developers choose the same low-power lamps in the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and other rooms with different areas and different lighting requirements in order to reduce the cost when choosing lamps. The light is very dark, which does not meet the standard requirements

more than 40% of rooms have strange lights and cannot distinguish the color of objects.

judging the light quality depends on whether the color of objects can be displayed normally under the light. For example, if families use yellow light or red light for a long time, they can't distinguish the color of things at home, which will affect visual effects and health over time

318 rooms, more than 40% of them cannot develop color normally. Among them, the living room lighting standard rate is relatively the highest, 66%. The standard rate of bedroom lighting is the lowest, 53.2%

Huang Ruxi, executive deputy director of the national light industry electric light source material quality supervision and testing center, introduced that the national standard requires that the color rendering index of light should not be less than 80. "Among the common lights at present, the spectrum of incandescent lamp is the closest to the sunlight, which is more in line with the real color we see under the sunlight. However, LED lamp has poor color rendering because it contains a lot of blue light and lacks red. With the progress of technology, it is now possible to improve the color rendering index through technical means." However, due to the high cost, the color rendering index of LED lamps on the market is less than 80, he said

the standard rate of color temperature in the bathroom is only 17.2%

what is color temperature? According to Huang Ruxi, low color temperature is what we usually call warm color light, with more red components and less blue components. On the contrary, the color temperature of blue cold light is relatively high. According to the national standard, the color temperature should not be higher than 4000K in the room where people work or stay for a long time. Too high color temperature will affect comfort and may affect people's visual health. In this test, the compliance rate of color temperature in 318 rooms was only 37.7%. The most serious problem was the bathroom, and the compliance rate was only 17.2%

"it is ideal for people to use light at different times of the day and conform to the natural law. However, the color temperature of LED lights on the market is generally high. Long term use will interfere with the human body's biological clock, may also affect sleep and cause biological clock disorder." He said that during the investigation, some residents reported that they felt uncomfortable after using the new LED light, and did not know the reason. After testing, high color temperature products are used, and the color temperature value has exceeded the upper limit of normal lighting products

the color temperature should be lower than 4000K

the color rendering index should be greater than 80

"in this inspection and investigation, we found that the overall lighting quality of Nanjing residential houses is not high, and none of the families tested meet the requirements of the inspection items." Huang Ruxi said that in all indicators, the problem of light color temperature is the most serious, followed by illumination, and the compliance rate is less than half. Such lighting quality has affected and will also see a group of small and medium-sized potential enterprises active in the analytical instrument industry to the quality of life and health of residents

the reason why the color temperature problem is the most serious, Huang Ruxi said, is that the light with high color temperature is strong to stimulate the eyes, so it appears bright, giving the illusion of good lighting. The survey also found that most residents have no concept of color temperature, but only buy and use lighting products based on their feelings and business introductions. In this regard, Huang Ruxi suggested that when choosing led home lighting products, we should choose products with a color temperature of not less than 4000K and a color rendering index Ra of not less than 80. "These indicators are marked on the product package, and you can also ask the seller."

choose lights according to the area of the room

the elderly room should be bright

different rooms have different requirements for lights. How do ordinary people choose? Huang Ruxi provided a trick: you can calculate how much power you want to buy according to the room area. "The distance between two pillars of a stretched space (mm): 450 generally speaking, according to the requirements of 7W per square meter of the architectural lighting design standard, you can calculate according to the area of each room in your home." He reminded that attention should be paid to the maximum power borne by lamps

in addition, the room of the elderly can be calculated according to 9W to 10W per square meter; the study can be configured according to 11W per square meter. "Because these two rooms have high requirements for lighting." According to Huang Ruxi, in the survey, it was found that the room illumination of some elderly families was low, which would cause the elderly to be unable to see clearly and seriously affect the quality of life and safety of the elderly. "We call on everyone to give the elderly a bright space."

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