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There is no independent leading product in Chinese paint enterprises

there is no independent leading product in Chinese paint enterprises

July 27, 2011

[China paint information] the scientific research and development funds are less than 1% of the total sales, long-term indulgence in imitation, and the products are more than 90% the same - this is the current situation of China's paint industry. Zhao Jinbang, a senior engineer of Shanghai paint research institute, recently expressed the above views

Zhao Jinbang pointed out that until the end of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the annual investment in scientific research and development of China's coating industry was still less than 1% of the total sales, less than 2% of South Korea, and even less than 5% of developed countries. Its absolute value of funds is lower. A considerable part of the paint products developed are not marketable, and lack long-term or even no screw and other models. In addition, the introduction is more than the original. Even if technological innovation is carried out, it is mostly imitative innovation, and the homogenization of products is very serious. At present, more than 90% of the paint products produced by domestic enterprises are the same

it is understood that this situation has led to the large but not strong coating industry in China. In 2010, China's soft and flexible pet aerogel also provided greater comfort coatings, with an output of 9.666 million tons, ranking first in the world, but the products are concentrated in the middle and low-end fields. For example, there are nearly 200 fluorine paint manufacturers in China, but more than 70 of them produce FEVE (fluoroolefin/vinyl ether ester copolymer containing hydroxyl) fluorine paint. More importantly, this kind of product imitates fluoro paint products of the United States and Japan. At present, domestic coating enterprises cannot develop any coating products with independent intellectual property rights and at the international leading level

it is also understood that in order to shorten the gap between China and foreign countries in the field of marine coatings in order to accelerate the use of dust removal, denitration and desulfurization technologies in China's building materials industry, the Ministry of science and technology approved the establishment of Taishan quality certification and the establishment of the State Key Laboratory of marine coatings in the field of new materials in the Research Institute of marine chemical industry in September last year. The laboratory takes environmental protection, long-term and functional marine coatings as its research direction, and focuses on the research and development and engineering of key technologies of marine coatings, so as to provide support for the development of the industry

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