Nonstandard labeling of the hottest food packaging

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Nonstandard signs on food packaging labels are common

"cooked foods such as steamed bread, marinated meat, fried chicken and some bulk foods often cannot find the production date on the packaging label, but are replaced by the packaging date, and the packaging date is always the day the customer buys, so the" birthday "of food is incomprehensible." This is what I saw in my recent visit to some supermarkets. The problems of food labels are still very serious. Can universal machine do impact test? Heavy. " People regard food as their priority, and food safety as their priority. Food safety is not only related to quality, but also to production date. A simple and easy way for people to judge whether a certain food has passed the shelf life and is safe is to check the date of the experimental method of food production. Now, consumers' consumption is becoming more and more rational. Many customers will pay attention to its production date and shelf life when buying goods, especially milk, cake, cooked food and some children's food. However, some businesses are willing to cooperate. He mentioned that the consumer "hide and seek" - some only indicate the shelf life, not the production date; Some of the production date column reads "see commodity packaging". On the weighed packaging label, there is no production date, but only packaging date, expiration date and other information; Some replace the production date with the packaging date, and the packaging date is always the day of purchase; Some unscrupulous businesses even change the labels and repackage some expired foods in order to reduce losses and make more profits

the food safety law clearly stipulates that when selling bulk food, food operators should indicate the name, production date, shelf life and other contents of the food on the container and outer package of bulk food; The packaging label of prepackaged food shall indicate the production date, shelf life, storage conditions and other information. Therefore, the date of production must be clearly marked on the package of food, and the date of production and the date of packaging cannot be equated

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