Norscan inventory in July was roughly the same as

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Norscan's inventory in July was roughly the same as that of the previous month

according to reliable news, the inventory of chemical grade commodities in North America and Northern Europe (norscan) and pulp such as evaluating the dynamic characteristics of machine tools in July increased by 4000 metric tons compared with the previous month

according to Mercer, this figure is much lower than the average increase of 143000 metric tons in the same period of the past 10 years. The fatigue crack is caused by the local plastic deformation of the material. The current total inventory is 1.78 million metric tons, with no significant change compared with June. The Montreal pulp and Paper Products Council (pppc) will release its report on August 14 local time

it is said that the inventory in Canada decreased by 36000 metric tons, while the inventory in the other three norscan countries increased: 12000 metric tons in the United States, 13000 metric tons in Sweden and 15000 metric tons in Finland. The operating rate is 84%, and the shipment capacity ratio is also 84%

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