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Expert: it will take at least five years for the large-scale application of IOT to be possible.

Ye Tianchun, director of the IOT research and development center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in Shenzhen on the 17th that the IOT and cloud computing applications that are currently hot in China, 1. The buffer oil is insufficient. The approximate application scale of these technologies will take five to 10 years or even longer to appear. At present, some domestic views believe that the era of IOT and cloud computing will soon enter, It's a little hot headed

ye Tianchun made the above statement when attending a meeting of the 14th high tech fair on the 17th. At this high tech fair, IOT is still a hot concept promoted by many high-tech enterprises. Ye Tianchun introduced that IOT is regarded as the third wave of informatization after personal computers and Internet. The industry generally expects IOT to greatly change people's lifestyle and work style, but a few years have passed, In fact, China has not yet entered an idealized era of IOT

ye Tianchun said that China is trying to promote the application of IOT in terms of medical informatization, food safety traceability system, more intelligent community, etc., but IOT has encountered many problems in technology, including automatic sensing technology, automatic information processing technology, etc. many core technologies have not been broken through, and the cost is difficult to reduce in the short term, which makes it difficult to achieve large-scale practical application

now a large number of cloud computing centers have been built around the country, which are basically empty. Because the data is stored, they don't know how to deal with it. Ye Tianchun said that he has poured cold water on the concepts of IOT and cloud computing on some occasions recently, because IOT and cloud computing are the direction of the development of the times, but they should not be too urgent. It is necessary to tighten experiments to determine the pressure strength, relative shortening rate and section increase rate of materials under static pressure, which should be gradually accumulated and explored

in recent years, there are many bottlenecks in the development of China's current new material industry. Many enterprises and cities in the country are trying to develop IOT and carry out urban management. Ye Tianchun introduced that China has made an attempt to obtain a unified industrial 4.0 production system safety traceability system in the supply of vegetables, meat and poultry to Hong Kong, and has realized the whole process information management in the planting, fertilization, picking and transportation of vegetables in the supply of food to Hong Kong, These applications will be promoted in a wider range in the future, but the cost is still high. In addition, China has explored safety management in urban communities, health monitoring of the elderly and other industries

ye Tianchun said that IOT is a comprehensive application. Although many technologies in China lag behind the advanced countries in Europe and the United States, due to China's special national conditions, the complexity of China's demand for IOT technology sometimes exceeds the international concept of smart city. For example, in network transmission, China has been in the forefront of the world

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