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It will be illegal if the box packaging is too "gorgeous"

recently, the Beijing Municipal Council of love and health organized a symposium on the demonstration of the legislative establishment of Beijing's tobacco control regulations. Lei Haichao, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of health, suggested at the meeting that Beijing should introduce policies requiring that cigarettes sold in Beijing must be affixed with warning icons or signs, especially some shocking pictures, to warn citizens from the consumer side that smoking is harmful to health

aiming at the problem that the cigarette box packaging in the market is too gorgeous and lacks deterrent power. Lei Haichao, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of health, suggested that warning signs or pictures of rotten lungs and mouths should be pasted on cigarettes sold in Beijing to educate citizens on the harmful health of smoking from the consumer side

all cigarettes sold in Beijing must be pasted with smoking warning slogans or pictures on one side. Lei Haichao said that when he went to Thailand a few years ago, he wanted to bring cigarettes to his smoking colleagues as gifts. He saw that the dazzling cigarettes were not marked with cauliflower shaped rotten lungs with tumors, but there were still thick and deep grinding marks on the grinding surface, which was a picture of mouth ulceration. He immediately gave up the idea of buying cigarettes as gifts

Lei Haichao suggested that cigarette sales could be managed in the circulation link through consultation with the Commission of industry and Commerce and the Commission of Commerce

a survey conducted by the international tobacco control policy evaluation project on the Chinese population shows that smokers, non-smokers and teenagers all believe that graphic warnings can better promote smokers to quit smoking than pure text warnings. If warning graphics are printed on cigarette packs in China, smokers who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day will have 7300 opportunities for visual education a year

the relevant person in charge of the Beijing CDC admitted that although the WHO Framework Convention on international standards for tobacco control or industrial standards for measuring the physical properties of various materials proposed that it is best to have warning pictures or graphics on cigarette packs, due to the current lack of corresponding laws and regulations to enforce requirements, health and disease control departments can only call for advocacy

what is even more surprising is that some domestic cigarette enterprises even engage in double dealing on cigarette box packaging Domestic cigarette packs are brightly dressed, while those exported abroad are annoying For example, red double happiness cigarettes sold in Hong Kong are printed with the pattern that smoking can lead to impotence; In Thailand, Australia and other countries that have strict legal requirements for cigarette packaging, Chinese cigarettes sold are also printed with pictures of heavy taste on their cigarette boxes

as early as 2012, during the consultation period of Beijing smoking control regulations (expert proposal draft), many citizens proposed that warning pictures on cigarette boxes should be incorporated into legislation. However, the relevant provisions did not appear in the final proposal

Xie Zhiyong, executive director of the health law research center of China University of political science and law, said to France this afternoon that China has become one of the parties to the Framework Convention on tobacco control. According to relevant regulations, domestic laws should have relevant regulations on attaching warning pictures or graphics to cigarette packs

it is very promising to include relevant provisions in the future revision of the advertising law, because the legal level is high, and although there are objections, it will also be constrained

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the mainland of China is very tolerant of the packaging of cigarette packs. It only requires that in the second place, depending on the performance of the material, there are warnings on the front and back of the cigarette pack, and the area of the cigarette pack covered by the warnings is subject to the minimum limit stipulated in the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control - no less than 30% of its surface

at present, nearly 20 countries in the world have clear legal provisions requiring tobacco packaging to use graphic warning signs that are not less than 50% of the area of the cigarette package. For example, Thai law stipulates that warning icons such as skeletons, lungs and impotence must account for half of cigarette packs. There are also many similar pictures on cigarette packages in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and other places

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