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It will take time for PET beer bottles to become popular in China. PET beer bottles are high-end products in the PET container market. In recent years, PET beer bottles have developed rapidly internationally and have entered the commercialization stage. In the United States, although the mainstream beer packaging containers are still metal aluminum cans and glass bottles, the proportion of PET beer bottles is increasing year by year. In the Korean beer market, where the main consumer is young people, PET beer currently accounts for 40% of the beer packaging market

according to the data in the Research Report on China's plastic processing industry, as the world's largest beer producer and consumer, since the beginning of the 21st century, China's domestic annual demand for packaging bottles has ranged from 25 billion to 30 billion. Due to the promising market prospect, PET beer bottles in China will also enter the large-scale market application. If the domestic market is successfully launched, PET beer bottles will become a new profit growth point for the PET container industry. The good market prospect has attracted many domestic enterprises, and an investment boom is surging in China. The first step enterprises have begun to purchase production equipment from abroad, carry out new plant construction, and prepare for mass production

the enthusiasm of production enterprises is high

the leading domestic PET beer bottle enterprise, Zhuhai Zhongfu company in 2004 focused on increasing the market promotion of PET beer bottles. Zhongfu pet fresh-keeping beer bottles have not only been listed in the 2004 national key new product catalogue and the 2004 Guangdong provincial key high-tech products, but also been put on the market in batches. At present, cooperation agreements and intentions have been signed with many breweries. In the first half of 2004, more than 13 million PET beer bottles were exported to South Korea, accounting for 10% of the South Korean market share. It is reported that Zhuhai Zhongfu's customers are Hite company, one of the two largest brewers in South Korea. At present, the PET beer bottles of Zhongfu group account for 50% of the total PET beer bottles used by the company. In order to meet the demand of market growth, the company will introduce new production lines and expand the production scale. It is expected that the friction coefficient of the same test structure that can also be used to detect metal, paper and other materials will increase by 80million pieces per year

Xiamen huaxinmao packaging container company also announced recently that it will mass produce PET beer bottles, and has begun to expand its customers. According to relevant sources of huaxinmao company, the company is jointly established by Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Lvquan Industrial Corporation. It plans to invest 200million yuan to build a nano PET beer bottle project. The owner of the project is Gansu Shuangbo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., a high-tech private enterprise. This project is one of the key investment projects in Gansu Province in 2004. This project plans to build 35 production lines, with an annual production capacity of 900million. At present, the project has been approved in Lanzhou high tech Development Zone

breweries are skeptical and wait-and-see

however, compared with the enthusiasm of domestic pet enterprises, beer enterprises as users appear very calm. Although at the "China beer marketing innovation high level forum" in February 2004, after the PET beer bottle, a new product of Zhuhai Zhongfu, was unveiled at the conference, the beer enterprises attending the meeting showed great interest in PET beer bottles. However, because it is closely related to their own interests, especially the fierce competition in the domestic beer market and the decline in product profit margin, beer enterprises are very sensitive to the increase in the cost of beer packaging. Even if it is difficult for enterprises to finance, the cost of adding a penny to each bottle of beer should be repeatedly considered

many people in beer enterprises have raised doubts about this from their own point of view. They believe that there are three problems in the promotion and application of PET beer bottles in China. First, recycling. At present, recycling and washing bottles need to bear the water temperature of 80 ℃, while PET beer bottles can only bear about 60 ℃. If they are not recycled, the one-time use cost is too high; Second, I have no confidence in the reliability of PET beer bottles in the production process, such as filling problems. The rigidity of PET beer bottles is worse than that of glass bottles, and the bottle mouth is easy to deform, causing air leakage; Third, the conversion to PET bottle packaging requires the transformation of existing equipment, while the original conversion to aluminum cans does not require additional equipment investment or change the production process. The additional equipment investment also makes the old beer enterprises not very enthusiastic

it is still difficult for consumers to accept that there is a market only when there is demand, and the degree of acceptance of consumers is the most important factor determining market demand. PET bottles account for the largest proportion of beer packaging in South Korea, which is mainly the pursuit of fashion by young people in South Korea. For young people, the value of PET beer bottles is no longer just a simple form of packaging, but a completely fashionable element

however, a considerable number of people believe that the launch of a new product first depends on what benefits it can bring to consumers. It is generally accepted that plastic beer extensometer connected to the enlarger and enlarger connected to the experimental machine to determine the deformation bottle is most suitable for application in small bottled draft beer factories. However, the consumption of small bottles of beer in China is almost concentrated in bars. The portability and safety of PET beer bottles cannot be reflected here. Moreover, the proportion of small bottle beer in the whole beer production in China is not very large. However, large bottled beer has large output, low price and thin profit. If the cost is increased in packaging, it is difficult for consumers to accept it

when PET beer bottles cannot bring direct benefits to final consumers, its promotion is indeed difficult

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