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Online publishing: it will take time to shake up the traditional publishing. We cannot fail to see the advantages of online publishing since "1035", but for various reasons, the development of online publishing is not very smooth. Its development is not as smooth as people expected. In the short term, the network cannot fundamentally shake the dominant position of traditional publishing, mainly for the following reasons:

1 Computer screen

at present, online publishing mostly appears in the form of text. Readers must read on the computer screen. It is undeniable that this is not a good reading environment. Looking at the flashing screen and moving text for a long time is a great burden on the reader's eyes, and the damage caused by the computer screen to vision is insurmountable. In addition, the font style of web publications will also directly affect readers' interest in reading

2. The number of readers

specific to our country, due to the objective impact of the economy, although the penetration rate of computers has been significantly increased compared with the past, it has not been popularized to every family. Therefore, domestic Internet users are still concentrated in cities with a high level of education and regions with different regulations on the use of building exterior wall insulation materials in China in the two documents. At the same time, the majority of readers are still conceptual and used to reading paper publications

3. Network transmission speed

slow transmission speed and too narrow bandwidth are important factors. Although Internet can cover users at different levels, the network bandwidth can not catch up with the development of the number of Internet users, and can not fully give full play to the characteristics of network multimedia

4. Reading procedures are complex

the current human-computer interface is too complex, which brings a lot of inconvenience to readers. Readers must have basic knowledge of computer network, and can only see the information after several operation steps; Unlike printed publications, readers can take and read them at any time. Moreover, online publications can't let many people watch the same computer, so they can't share online publications with others at the same time

5. Habit does not adapt to

readers can read the whole page when reading newspapers, while online publications can only display one article at a time. It still needs a long period of education and promotion to make readers who are used to accepting print media and like to browse publications gradually get used to reading through computer screens

6. The content is mixed

the network is full of all kinds of information content, which is conducive to people's and information; It also has some network information that is unhealthy and even detrimental to the image of the society and the country, which makes people unable to escape. Therefore, deleting the information they need is a better way to resist

in a word, the advantages of online publishing are unmatched by the traditional publishing industry. Its publishing process and business model also pose a comprehensive challenge to the traditional publishing industry in terms of different standards. It represents the development direction of the publishing industry in the future

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